Renting an apartment in Dubai

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Dubai here is some good news – the market prices are falling and the rents have also been dropping. Most of the people who rent an apartment in Dubai take this decision because it is easy to find an apartment close to the work location. And the other reason could also be because there are plenty of apartments for rent in Dubai that come furnished. This means that the added expenditure of furnishing the house that you move into also can be eliminated. If you have a job where the joining date is close and you have no time at hand then choosing an apartment on rent can be very easy. Go through the listings on Fazwaz website if you do not know where to begin. And before you finalize your rental apartment here is a list of things to remember –


  1. Even if you are impressed by the images posted on the listings make sure that you actually visit the property before finalizing A true experience of the locality and the amenities that the apartment offers can help you understand whether the rent is worth it.
  2. There are many landlords who might add unrealistic terms in the lease or rental agreement. Trust no one when it comes to reading and understanding the agreement. Even if your real estate agent does analyze the agreement read it thoroughly to make sure that you are fine with the terms that you would be signing.
  3. Make sure that you understand the annual rent terms that are imposed on most of the apartments in Dubai. This means that you should calculate your budget based on the annual rent value. You might be asked to submit several checks for the payment.
  4. Analyze the neighborhood before you finalize a property. In fact, finalizing your neighborhood and then looking for properties can be a better way to start your search. Look for the accessibility of the essential amenities, safety and the connectivity of the neighborhood.
  5. There are cases where you can negotiate a deal and agree to pay the annual rent in a few checks. The lower the number of checks the better can you negotiate on the annual rent value. So do not hesitate to discuss an offer with the landlord.
  6. Reservation of the property involves payment of a security deposit. This amount is refundable but it is taken as a token of confirmation. You might then have to submit copies of your passport and even the work visa if you are an expat.
  7. Finally when it comes to signing the tenancy agreement make sure that there are no dues on the apartment you are renting. Make sure that the apartment is in a liveable condition and request the required maintenance activities to be done well in advance before you move in.

If you register your tenancy agreement in a legal way and have clarity about the terms and conditions to abide by then the process of reserving the property and moving in becomes simple.