Top 5-Star Luxury Hotels on the French Alps

There is no shortage of luxury hotels on the French Alps. Some of the world’s finest hotels and chalets are on the French Alps. The following list contains the crème de la crème (the finest of the finest), the ones that set luxury standards.

Alpaga, Megeve

#5 Le Chalet Zannier

There are only twelve rooms and suites in the Chalet Zannier, but they are exceptionally beautiful. The hotel is located near the Mègeve, which is perfect for skiers. Its wooden architecture creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere asking you to step in there.

Le Chalet Zannier

#4 Hotel Royal – Evian Resort

The hotel was built for kings, to be more precise for King Edward VII. Even today, guests can experience the royal treatment that was once reserved for members of royal families. Hotel Royal has been voted as France’s best golf resort and France’s best spa resort. There is a total of 118 rooms, and 32 suites, each superbly designed to make everyone as comfortable as possible while experiencing the royal treatment.

Hotel Royal Evian Resort

#3 Alpaga

The Alpaga may have just 22 rooms and five suites, but each of them is special and has a unique Zen vibe. Its spa center is one of the finest in the region, while its restaurant is the crown jewel as it serves one of the best dishes on the Alps.


#2 Hotel Christiania, Val D’lsere

Every luxury hotels French Alps online query almost always ends up with the Hotel Christiania on the top or near the top results. For every 60 years, this hotel has been a symbol of both luxury and elegance. Place favored and visited by royalties from all over the world. Royalties from Monaco, Greece, England, and other countries are some of the most regular guests of the hotel.

Hotel Christiania Val d'Isère

#1 Hôtel La Sivolière

This luxury ski hotel is conveniently placed in the middle of the 3 Vallées ski region and is surrounded by over 600km of snow slopes. The hotel features 11 suites, 24 rooms, and one luxury apartment. Each designed with comfort in mind and decorated elegantly.

Hôtel La Sivolière