Bandung Hotels for the Budget Traveler

Bandung is an Indonesian paradise that is nicknamed “the city of flowers”. It is the capital city of West java in Indonesia. The climate here is one of the most pleasant in the world, and t remains so all through the year. There are a huge number of excellent destinations that make for a terrific time for everyone concerned. The location is perfect if you are a shopoholic, because there are a huge number of shopping markets here.

There are a number of cheap Bandung hotels that offer a remarkable array of discounts and deals for budget travelers. There are a number of hotels that offer reasonably priced accommodation as well as a good degree of comfort and a number of facilities.
Some of the best budget Bandung hotels are as follows . . .

1. Grand Aquila, Bandung

Grand Aquila is one of the best Bandung hotels. it is housed in a tall building that is situated right at the heart of the commercial district of Bandung. There are a good number of business facilities as well. The airport is only a ten minute drive away from the hotel, and the train station just fifteen minutes. There are facilities such as baby sitting services, and twenty four hour room service.

2. Aston Tropicana Hotel and Plaza

Aston Tropicana Hotel and Plaza is a remarkable destination that has cheap rates and some excellent facilities. There are a good number of facilities and services on offer, and there is no dearth of quality. There are hundred deluxe rooms on offer, and all attractions are within close distance.

3. Jayakarta, Bandung

A four star hotel, the Jayakarta is one of the best Bandung Hotels. The hotel gives great value in the way that it gives five star amenities and lodging at a cheap price.There are a whole number of destination.