All Inclusive vacations to Curacao, Caribbean

Breezes ResortsLocated north of the Venezuelan coast and embraced by the Caribbean Sea, lies the island of Curacao, renowned both due to the convenient vacation deals to luxury tourist centers and awesome natural environment. You will find what you need for your all inclusive holidays. Curacao is a marvelous holiday destination and a constituent country of the Netherlands with the capital city at Willemstad. Curacao is the biggest one of the popular ABC islands, with over 140.000 inhabitants and and area of 444 square kilometers. The island is known to have a semi-arid climate, with designated dry and wet seasons, and an average rainfall of 21.6 inch (553.4 millimeters). The temperatures on Curacao rarely change during the year, cooled only by the trade winds. What makes Curacao such a popular vacation destination is the fact that is situated outside the hurricane belt, yet still offers the sun and blue waters of this part of the Caribbean. In addition, there are the high-rise hotels and beach resorts providing convenient accommodation deals, so no surprise that Curacao is visited by plenty of foreign voyagers.

Curacao is also famous for its white-sand beaches and clear blue waters, making it an ideal location for scuba diving vacations. Travelers who wish to explore the beauty and uniqueness of the underwater world in the area of Curacao can do this at one of the many locations on the island. The sea bottom surrounding Curacao consists mostly of lava rocks, which has become home to many coral reefs today. The island has over 60 official diving areas, 44 of which are equipped with chains for deep sea diving. Curacao is home to many diving schools as well, and even inexperienced submarine explorers will be able to enjoy the beauty and mysterious powers of the underwater world. On the other hand, on Curacao is a wide selection of sightseeing tours, introducing tourists to the local flora and fauna living on land.

Swimming with dolphins is also a popular activity in this Caribbean paradise. The island of Curacao is home to the biggest “Dolphin Academy” in the world. This is a specially designed facility that offers a wide selection of programs, where vacationers can interact with one of the most intelligent mammals today. When spending time with dolphins, visitors can touch, dive with, train and kiss them. There are educational seminars daily where all who are interested can gain deeper knowledge of the animals and learn some basic communication skills.

While vacation in Curacao, besides water sports and plentiful entertainment options, travelers have at disposal a plethora of other fun and exciting activities. Bowling is a well developed sport on the island and there are numerous clubs where tourists can enjoy the sport. On Curacao is available a wide variety of outdoor fun as well, such as canoe safari trips and the bike rides. They give sightseer the opportunity to get to know some of the unspoiled natural sites in the area. Fishing is a favorite sport for many and some of the best places in the world are located exactly in the area of the ABC islands. There are also various cultural and historical sites to visit, such as the Hato caves and the Christoffel Park. The Sea Aquarium in Curacao, with a wide variety of colorful and unique fish species, is a “must visit” destination for everyone who chooses this Caribbean heaven as next holiday destination. All these natural attractions, combined with the fantastic accommodation deals and all inclusive vacation packages available to a good selection of hotels and resorts, are the main reasons for the high popularity on which benefits Curacao amongst foreign voyagers.