Ideas for a Romantic Vacation in Mainland Greece

Greece is a wonderful country to visit. But lots of people tend to head straight for the islands and miss out the mainland completely. This might be a mistake, especially if you want to treat your partner to a romantic Greek holiday.

If you need some ideas and inspiration for this kind of romantic getaway, check out the suggestions given below.

Stay in a four or five star hotel on the mainland

There are plenty of them around and you can easily find one that will appeal to your needs. Take the Salvator Villas and Spa Hotel in Parga for example. This is located right up in the north western corner of the country, and it provides four star accommodations that are perfect for couples to enjoy. This is real luxury with plenty of staff to assist. Don’t miss the pools – both indoors and outdoors – for the ultimate in relaxation together.

Explore the ancient wonders of Athens

This is a must see destination that makes for the perfect romantic trip together. Don’t miss the Acropolis, an UNESCO World Heritage Site that can be viewed from many spots in Athens. The Parthenon is equally worth seeing. Take a step back in time together and witness these amazing historical sites.

Athens, Dionysus theater at the Acropolis

Athens, Dionysus theater at the Acropolis

Take a romantic walk through Thessaly

Sometimes it’s easy to head for the best known parts of mainland Greece – such as Athens – only to miss out on some of the equally stunning attractions available elsewhere. Thessaly really will whisk you away from it all and it is an area of Greece that simply cannot be missed on a romantic vacation. Visit Meteora for the opportunity to take a romantic walk together to see the monasteries that sit atop the rock towers in the area. Alternatively head for the beaches that dot the coastline of Thessaly. Better still, do both!

Stay in the city of Kalamata

If Greece makes you think of olives, stay in Kalamata to be close to one of the most luscious supplies of all. Kalamata provides everything you could want for a romantic vacation – ancient history, superb meals in a variety of locations and walks around the marina. This is the perfect place to sit back and soak up the atmosphere while watching the world go by.


Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect romantic vacation in mainland Greece. But whatever your own idea might be, you can be sure that the ideal romantic break is awaiting you there. The trick is to figure out what type of vacation you want and plan from there.


You can see that mainland Greece provides lots of delights for romantic couples to share and explore together. Whether you decide to go to Athens and immerse yourselves in ancient Greek sights, or you go to Thessaly to enjoy the beaches, the monasteries and the rock towers, you are assured of a sensational time. Greece has plenty to offer for those looking for a romantic break.

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