How does an escape room make you happy?

Many of us are already familiar with the world of escape rooms. There are many different types, from fantasy, novels and historical situations to real-life escape rooms. However, the base action is similar in most cases, solving a wide variety of tasks. Real-life escape room puts players in a real-life escape game where they must race against time to solve a series of increasingly challenging puzzles.

Key: the flow

Flow experience is the state of mind when a person concentrates on a task and almost completely shuts out the outside world, focusing only on the execution of the solution. External factors are taken into account only to the extent that the task or action requires.

The continuity is ensured by the solution of tasks building on each other. Without solving the first task, it is difficult or impossible to move on. It encourages one to finish as quickly as possible. When the next level of the task is reached and completed, it is easy to get sucked in and enjoy the flow experience.

Characteristics of the flow phenomenon

  • Loss of self-awareness, only the task exists.
  • Extremely strong focus.
  • Our attention is constantly focused on one goal.
  • A state of balance is created between skills and task complexity.
  • Immersion in the act, total identification with it.
  • Loss of sense of time. 
  • Internal reward, partial or total sense of achievement.

Happiness through the experience of flow

This phenomenon can be experienced in many areas of life. Artists such as painters, sculptors, writers, and musicians can experience it almost constantly in their creative work. People, fortunately, can also experience it in the course of their work.

It works in the same way in the escape room. The player gets the first assignment. Depending on how quickly they can solve it – i.e. achieve a positive result – they start to feel good about themselves. The more puzzles are revealed, the more the player’s sense of pleasure increases. This feeling is also excellent in the field of team building, which is why team building Stockholm can be an excellent choice in this area.

The energy of happiness empowers individuals in such a way that although their abilities do not change, they can perform better and better. The process is therefore self-exciting and once the player gets caught up in the flow, there is no getting out. Few things can throw them off.

Escape rooms are special in terms of achieving a flow experience due to their pace. One is rarely able to achieve the same experience in an hour at work, even if one is passionate about it. 

So we can ask the question, can work make us happy? The answer is of course yes. But it’s not the work itself that makes us happy, it’s the experience of doing it. In this case, it’s the flow phenomenon, which in the case of the escape rooms is immensely enjoyable, because not only can you get into this state exceptionally quickly, but you can experience it in great company

Experience the bliss of the flow experience, try an escape experience with us!

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