Dead Sea Beach in Israel

Have you ever ventured into the most dreadful sounding name yet the most romantic places in the world? This is the time for you to explore one of the most romantic beaches in the world. The Dead Sea Beach in Israel is one of the most amazing beaches in the country.

The country is extremely beautiful with some of the most amazing places to visit there and the historical significance of the place adds onto its charm. The Dead Sea is located at the most lowest point in the world somewhere at about 394.5 m below the sea level.

About the Beach

The beach surrounding the Dead Sea is amazingly beautiful. I am sure noone has ever come across a place which is so pretty yet a horrid name attached to it. The beach is simply amazing. The sands gleam when the sunlight falls on it. There are a number of palm trees and the place is exquisitely beautiful. There are many activities which one can indulge in when holidaying on this island.
Activities to do on the beach

There are some popular activities that the tourists can indulge in when they are on the Dead Sea Beach. The clear blue water allows the tourists to snorkel and scuba dive. These are the two most favorite activities and past time of the tourists visiting here. Also, some other activities include parasailing, para gliding, jet skiing, surfing, swimming and boat rides. Also, if you want to relax on the beach, there are a couple of places where you can unwind yourself. You can either sunbathe or just near the clear water and read a book or listen to your favorite song. These are some of the popular activities to do on the beach.

Places to visit near the beach

There are a couple of interesting places to visit near the beach. These places are simply the most attractive places to be in and also great to roam around. There are some places near the beach where you can go in for some hiking and trailing. Also, if you are on a guided tour, you will be taken to some of the sites where you can head in for rock climbing, bungee jumping, sailing and also to visit some heritage sites there.

There are a couple of places where you can find ancient monuments and buildings. Some of the famous churches in the area are a destination for popular tourist attraction. There are many churches, old buildings, and other great architectural designs where you can head for.

There are some great places nearby the beach where you can find accommodation. The Dead Sea being the main tourist attraction all the year through, there are many resorts, and lodges in the area. These are the best places where you can reside in since they are closer to the main tourist attractions in the area. The beach is also accessible from the resorts and the lodges since they have their own private entrances and exits to the beach.

There are also some amazing places where you can find great food. A holiday is complete with the best food and the best holiday destination to visit. There are a couple of places where you can find some great seafood in the area. The small restaurants which are located on the beach are the ideal places where you can dine. Also, the resorts and the lodges located near the area also serve some exotic cuisine. Do not forget to try your hands on the authentic Israeli dishes.


There are some destinations here which have amazing flea markets. Branded stuff is not available in the area but you can get some great local stuff out here. From colorful bangles, to necklaces and earrings made of sea shells there are some amazing stuff which you get out here. Clothes to some household stuff are also sold here. The night market in this place is simply amazing. The night market brings the beach to life every night and tourists from all over the world throng at this place.
Some more activities to indulge in

There are some activities which you can indulge in. From cycling around the place to walking down some of the memorable streets on the Dead Sea Beach, these are some of the amazing activities which you can explore there.

The Dead Sea Beach is simply an amazing tourist destination. The beauty of the wilderness of the place and the calmness of the beach adds onto the charm.