Things to do in Nicaragua – a Delightful Mix

Nicaragua is a country located in Central America, and it is the biggest in size among countries in the region. The land here is filled with volcanoes, mountains and lakes. The landscape here is unique, rugged and strikingly beautiful in places, majestic mountain tops, lakes seeming to extend for miles, thick undergrowth of forests and jungle filled with a cornucopia of diverse species. The natural beauty of Nicaragua is extraordinary, and certainly draws its share of visitors. Travelers come here because of the plethora of things to do in Nicaragua.

ometepe island

The country is a nature lover’s paradise, and has acquired fame as an eco tourism destination. There is a lot to see in the way of diverse flora and fauna, and there are a number of national parks here as well. The landscape is extremely rewarding to the eyes, and holds innumerable possibilities for all manner of adventurous activities. Nicaragua has a handful of excellent beaches as well.

The rainforests, lakes and mountains here are certainly worth visiting the country for, but moving to the cities, there are plenty of examples of culture, history and architecture. There are some of the most marvelous examples of ancient architecture in the cities, as well as a number of historical sites. There is a good number of cultural attractions as well, museums, art galleries, ateliers and many more abound here. Nicaragua has a rich colonial heritage, and the architecture is so much the richer for it.

Nicaragua san-juan-del-sur

Nicaragua has a multi ethnic population consisting of people of varied origins, and there is a good number for expatriates as well. Tourism is Nicaragua’s second biggest source of income, and the country has a good number of tourists coming here that are attracted by the rewarding eco tourist zones. Most of the tourists that come here are from the United States and the rest of the Americas as well as Europe. Eco tourism is among the most loved things to do in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s beaches are getting increased tourist attention in recent times, and a lot of travelers are coming here in recent years to get a taste of the pristine pacific coast, the Caribbean coast, as well as the islands in the Caribbean. For all inclusive family vacation ideas, the Corn islands are a beautiful island destination in the Caribbean. The Pacific Coast is extremely popular with surfers for the great surfing that is on offer. The San Juan del Sur area is extremely popular as a tourist spot. The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is a heavenly location, filled with surprises, islets and atolls, gurgling hot springs, lush forests and picture perfect beaches.

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