Are there All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico?

Are there All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico? Some of the Best Puerto Rican All-Inclusive Resorts

Are there all inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico? While all inclusive resorts tend to be more common on islands such as Jamaica, these resorts can also be found on Puerto Rico as well. Visitors who visit this island are often in search of all-inclusive resorts.

Vacationers who travel to Puerto Rico consider it more worthwhile to stay at an all-inclusive resort. Along with the accommodation, the entertainment and food are included in a single set price, which is quite cost-effective for travelers who are on a budget. Booking an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico beforehand also makes it easier and less stressful for vacationers to plan out their vacation. For vacationers who want to enjoy the beauty of the island from within a resort while relishing the scrumptious meals and plan to spend most of their time indoors, all-inclusive resorts seem ideal.

Caribe Hilton Resort

Some of the Most Ideal All-Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico

While there are several all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, a few of the best ones are mentioned below:

Caribe Playa Beach Resort

All inclusive resorts are known for being so grand and large that people often end up getting lost in them. What differentiates the Caribe Playa Beach Resort from the typical all-inclusive resorts is that it is more of a boutique hotel that is located directly on the beach and is quite renowned for its warm atmosphere. Economy pricing and an all-inclusive package are two choices available to vacationers who want to stay at this resort. The costs of accommodation, basic food and drink are included in the all inclusive family vacation packages.

Caribe Playa Beach Resort

Caribe Playa Beach Resort

Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa

The Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa, is located on the southern side of Puerto Rico in Guanica along the Caribbean Sea on twenty acres of land. Along with the regular room rates, all-inclusive rates are also offered at the resort. $398 is the starting price of the all-inclusive packages at this resort for a single person, per night. The package includes meals, beverages and non-motorized water sports. The price of the all-inclusive package at this resort is well worth it, considering the perks that are included.

Copamarina Beach Resort

Copamarina Beach Resort

Parador Guanica 1929

Just like the name of this resort suggests it was first built in 1929 and guests who decide to stay at this resort are sure to feel relaxed. Parador Guanica 1929 is one of the most technologically advanced resorts on the island. This resort indeed offers an all-inclusive package, with pricing starting from $190 for a two person package which gives you three days, two nights. You can get the same package starting from $305 for four people. All meals and drinks are included in this package.

Parador Guanica 1929

Parador Guanica 1929

While Puerto Rico is an island that has become known for its natural beauty, there are many vacationers who prefer to spend their time on the island in a luxurious manner. Generally, staying at a resort means paying a hefty price, and often this is not affordable for some travelers. For this reason many of them seem to be asking, “Are there all inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico?” The truth is there are several excellent all-inclusive resorts on the island, and some of the best ones were mentioned here.

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