Tourist Attractions in Mexico

When you hear the name Mexico, your mind will for sure recall the ancient civilizations such as Inca and Maya and their pyramidal structures. But, let me tell you that Mexico is also a modern country that is in its developing stage. The best examples of this scene are the contrast of the temples to the innovative structures and ideal beach resorts or the view of the rural life full of ancient and colonial atmosphere as against the hustling city life packed with advanced facilities. So, in short, the good news is that the tourist attractions in Mexico are all of types and that you can explore those that suits your mood and budget ranging from museums to festivals and walking to hiking.

Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca Mexico

This time I explored the Jade City called OAXACA. Regarded as culturally diverse city with 16 ethnic groups, it is so called because of the green color in the stone using which many buildings are made here. UNESCO has entitled the city and the Zapotec site of Monte Albán located at a distance of 9 km as the ‘Cultural Heritage of Humanity’. The city is quite famous for its traditional arts and crafts, hand-woven clothing, painted wooden figures and creatures, rugs, gold jewelry, and shiny black pottery – all of which tell you about the liveliness and talent of modern artists. So, in the list of famous tourist attractions in Mexico, the artwork of Oaxacan artists namely, of Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo, and Rodolfo Morales are a must to explore that are globally admired and are today housed in many galleries in the town. And even more exciting is to visit artists by reaching their residences and buy their paintings.

Then, explore the bandstand of the central zócalo where the previous state marimba band offers free concerts almost happening at each night. Flanking the square are the arcades packed with cafes and restaurants where the local musicians entertain you at the tables. One of the historic tourist attractions in Mexico is located to the northwest corner of the square, the Cathedral whose construction started in the 16th century and was only over after 200 years because of the damage by earthquake. For the tourists, the main sights are its baroque façade adorned with superb bas-reliefs.

If you are a history fan, do not miss the Neo-Classical Palacio de Gobierno located on the south offering murals made by Arturo Garciá Bustos revealing the important moments from the past of the city. It is worth to become a pedestrian for some time to cover Calle Alcalú taking you to the monumental monastery and church complex of Santo Domingo. The main attractions here the church adorned with vivid baroque ornaments, statues, and altars; the family tree of St Domingo de Guzmán, the founder of the order, seen as a vine with leaves; Old and New Testament episodes on the barrel roof; and the Capilla del Rosario (Rosary Chapel). Next to the church is the previous monastery that is today the Museo Regional del Estado housing the collections of Zapotec and Mixtec artifacts of gold, jade, silver, turquoise, and quartz – all dug from Tomb Seven at the sacred Monte Alban. Even explore the gardens here that are being planted with the native flora of which the amazing ones are cacti. Two more churches worth a visit are the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad adorned with a statue of the Virgin of la Soledad who is the patron saint know for many miracles and San Juan de Dios, the oldest church in the city. The Rufino Tamayo and Contemporary Art museums are also among the exciting tourist attractions in Mexico.

Surrounding the city, many prime Dominican worship sites are worth exploring at Coixtlahuaca, Cuilapan, Teposcolula, Tlacochahuaya, Tlaxiaco, and Yanhuitlán. For some market shopping, head to the villages of Tlaxiaco for blankets, Tlacolula for rugs and ceramics, Miahuatlán for mescal, leather goods, and bread, Etla for flowers and cheese, Ejutla for embroidered clothes and mescal, Ocotlán for pottery, flowers, and textiles.

If you want to see how these crafts are manufactured, be at the barro negro brillante for its production of the black, shiny pottery and the woven rugs painted with natural dyes at Teotitlán del Valle.

No tourist misses the MONTE ALBÁN located at a distance of 9 miles drive from Oaxaca, one of the top tourist attractions in Mexico. It was believed to a sacred town before thousands of years ago and the religious hub of the Zapotec culture that existed before 2000 years. For the tourists, the prime attractions here are the notable Central Plaza, the Ball Court, and a myriad of tombs on the mountain top. You can find great family vacation packages and cheap hotel deals at RESERVATIONS.COM. I would recommend coming here to admire its magnificent charm in the morning or at evening when the sun is about to set.