Best Things To Do With Your Partner in Barcelona

Being a Europe’s top destination, Barcelona is definitely the perfect place to visit if you’re in the mood for love. With its amazing views and rambling streets, this city is a perfect setting for a romantic break with your partner.

However, finding the best attractions to visit can be a difficult test for you two. To be sure that you’ll make the most of your trip and fully enjoy this brilliant city, below you’ll find three to-do things that you should do with your loved one in Barcelona.

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona Beach


If you travel to Barcelona for a romantic get-away, you should definitely watch an outdoor movie. Given the perfect weather of the city, locals organized several film festivals over the past few years.

If you’re on a budget, the good news is that you can find free offerings in Barcelona. For example, Cinema Lliure shows independent movies every Thursday and Sunday evenings. All you have to do is to pop up on Sant Sebastia beach at the right time.


With its complex architecture and unique harmony, this Church is one of the best attractions to visit in Barcelona. It was built in the 14th century and it’s known as one of the most Gothic cathedrals in the entire world.

The outside walls will give you an impression of massive severity and the interior will take your breath away. Abundant daylight streams through the original stained-glass windows that survived from several decades, resulting in an elegance hardly found in other building of its type.


Barcelona is a big city, but not too big to be taken at foot. Taking a long walk with your partner on the city streets is the perfect opportunity to discover a Barcelona that can’t be described in guidebooks.

If you think that taking the tourist bus will offer you the same view of the city, you’re completely wrong. Beside the fact that you’ll waste your money on a trip that doesn’t allow you to notice the Barcelona wonderful details, you won’t be able to take your time and stroll around the streets filled with history and culture.

I’m sure that you’ll discover the Parc de la Ciutadella and the Montjuic Castle. You’ll definitely want to see what these attractions have to offer.

Montjuic castle

Montjuic castle

Now, you have different options to choose from for a romantic getaway in Barcelona. If you decide to take the city on foot, don’t even think to do this right after your plane has landed! The distance between the airport and Barcelona City Centre is bigger than you think so you should use the Barcelona airport transfer services for such a journey. Beside the fact that this service’s prices fit any budget, you won’t spend your time looking for a taxi driver that seems reliable. Using this transport method, it’s certainty that a professional driver will meet you at the airport, being ready to take in you the heart of Barcelona.