Top Things to Do In Bordeaux on a Budget

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Bordeaux is fine wines. But Bordeaux is so much more than just sipping Cabernet Sauvignon; it’s a magnificent city full of historical landmarks and breath-taking attractions.

The only issue one can have with the city is narrowing down the list of things to see in one trip. On top of all the beauty and attractions, the city is flooded with excellent restaurants, coffee shops, patisseries, and bars. The following guide is designed to help you identify the top spots to visit if you are on a budget.


La Cité du Vin

This ultra-modern museum is dedicated to all things wine, and it can’t be summarized in just a few sentences as it has a lot to offer. La Cité du Vin is spread over 3,000 square meters and features over ten hours of video and audio content to indulge anyone’s curiosity. Its dazzling 55-meter tower is a spectacle on its own.


La Grosse Cloche

It was built sometime in the 15th century and on top of a medieval gate. At one point, the gate was a small prison for underage offenders. The 7.7 tons bell stays silent for most of the year, except for biggest celebrations like Bastille Day.


Esplanade des Quinconces

Spread over 12 hectares, it is a popular spot for many big events throughout the year. It was built as a tribute to the contribution of the Gironde political group in the French revolution. The Monument aux Girondins, the statue of liberty, and the bronze horses in the fountain act a magnet for anyone with a camera and love for photography.


Cathedral of Saint André

The cathedral is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO and is equally impressive on the inside as well as on the outside. Its stained glass is monumental and one of the many reasons why to go inside and pay your respect to this man-made marvel.


Admire the Vineyards

Rent a bike and check out some of the finest vineyards in Bordeaux. Margaux, Pomerol, Saint Estephe, Saint Emilion, are some of the most famous ones. On a bike, you can admire and absorb everything the region can offer.


A Walk in the Saint Pierre district

Saint Pierre is the soul of the old city. Its giant streets and charming squares are filled with wine bars and restaurants. There you can taste local wines and authentic local cuisine. It is the best place to feel the vibe of the city and absorb the local culture.


Getting from and to the Bordeaux airport

The airport is located in the Merignac commune that is 11 km away from the city’s center. Bordeaux airport transfers are possible via taxi, a shuttle service, and welcome pickups. The bus is the cheapest option as it costs just €8, while the taxi is around €30. The downside to the shuttle is that it is often overcrowded and doesn’t operate 24/7. The airport taxi is reliable, but many of the drivers don’t speak any English, and when there are many arrivals, it is hard to find one. On the other hand, welcome pickups offer online booking, pickup by an English speaking driver from your arrival gate, and a flat rate.