Giardino di Boboli

It was commissioned by Eleonora de Toledo, the wife of Cosimo I. Ammannati and Buontalenti enlarged the garden, decorated with statues and grotte.

Giulio and Alfonso Parigi worked here from 1630 to 1634 and created in the amphitheatre a great architecture with a circular basin linked to the dry land by two walkways. The garden covers 320.000 sq. m. is a green materpiece, model for the greatest european garden as Versailles.

Buontalenti created a series of grotte, as the Grotta Grande, Ammannati and Gianbologna statues and fountains. The Lorraine family built the Kaffeehaus, the Prato delle colonne and the Limonia. In 1776 Pietro Leopoldo decided to open the garden to public.