SS. Annunziata

The Church was founded by the religious order of the Servi di Maria in 1260 as a small oratory. It was enlarged in 1400 when Michelozzo, Portigiani and Manetti built the rectangular nave. Manetti and Leon Battista Alberti altered the large circular tribune built by Michelozzo on the base of Rotonda Santa Maria degli Angeli by Brunelleschi.

The Church was completed in 1841. The entrance of the Church is a portal built by Antonio da San Gallo in 1500. Through it we enter the Chiostrino dei Voti, it was built by Manetti in 1447 and frescoed by the greatest Florentine artists of 1400 and 1500. Two big bronze holy water font are located at the entrance of the Church. The single nave is richly decorated in Baroque style.The Chapel of Annunziata is by the entrance, it is a small marble temple. On the altar the fresco Annunciation believed to be miraculous, because the monk beguan the fresco with Mary’s face and then he fell asleep. Next morning the fresco was completed! Florentine worshipped this image. For Vasari the fresco is by Pietro Cavallini. Then it is Cappella Feroni very rich and sumptuous with a dome by Forgiani.

Some years ago it has been discovered a work by Andrea del Castagno Gesù con San Giuliano. Andrea Del Castagno frescoed the next chapel with Holy Trinity with St. Jerome and Santa Maria Cleofe. On this side og the Church it is a Giudizio Universale by Alessandro Allori. Between the nave and the transept it is the uncompleted Rotonda. Near it eight Chapels, the 9th is became the entrace to the Sacresty. At the main door an iscription remembered as Pio VII allowed in 1805 the kiss og feet to Maria Luisa queen of Etruria and Padri Serviti. After the visit the Church became Basilic.

Medici family loved this Church and they financed the restoration.