Museo di San Marco

This Museum was commisioned by Cosimo and built by Michelozzo in 1437 in a section of the rooms the convent. The convent had modern functionality criteria and a masterpiec of Beato Angelico who painted the famous fresco cycle.

A tour of the museum begins with the Chiostro di S. Antonio built by Michelozzo with some works of Beato Angelico. This is one of the most beautiful architecture of Renaissance with a sensation of calmness, rationality, purity. Next it the Sala degli Ospizi, a medieval building built by Michelozzo with cross-vault that is the geatest monographic Museum of a 15th century artist because contains almost all works of Beato Angelico. In the Sala del Capitolo we can find another Beato Angelico’s work Crucifixion and other hall leading to Refettorio Grande. Inside of it there is a very beautiful painting of Giovanni Antonio Sogliano Cena miracolosa di San Domenico. It contais artists’ works of the Scuola di Frà Bartolomeo and of Ghirlandaio. Guido Carocci wanted this museum housed in the Feresteria, in the underground of the museum nd in the Chiostrino Of Silvestrini.

The magnificent of this Museum is due to Michelozzo, Beato Angelico, Cosimo I and to Sant’Antonino’s philosophy: they realized the perfect harmony between the external structure and the works of the Museum. The first floor open immediately with the Annunciation and go on with the cells decorated with masterpieces of Beato Angelico.

The Biblioteca, or library, is impressive; everything is measured to obtain perfection. In the library one can find code from elsewhere: Beato Angelico, Salutati and greek codes. At the end of the corridor is the cell which was once Savonarola’s.