Santi Apostoli

It was erected before 1000, this Church is located in Piazza del Limbo, where there was a cimitery for child buried before being baptized. The Church is in Romanesque style, on the fa├žade note the symbol of Altoviti, enemies of Medici. The interior has three naves with columns of green marble.

In the sides of the Church there is a series of chapels of 16th-c. that before the flood of 1966 contains important works as Immacolata Concezione by Vasari. The apse is covered with dark marble, on the left it is one of the largest tabernacle by Giovanni della Robbia. In a Chapel it is a portal fo fire of 15th-c. that contains pieces of stone from Santo Sepolcro in Jerusalem. These stones are worshipped for its origin and for their use: to catch fire during the fest of Sabato Santo.