Santa Trinita

This is one the oldest Church in Florence; the original Romanesque building was erected in the second half of th 11th century by the order of Vallombrosiani, while current buildung was finished in 1250. The Gothic interior is divided into a nave and two aisles and the apse has a square plan. This Church was the Church of many noble and rich family of Florence.

The second Chapel on the right is Cappella Sassetti with Ghirlandaio’s famous fresco cycle illustrating Florence at the end of 15th-c and various building and monuments are visible as the Church of San Pier Scheraggio and Santa Trinita Bridge. In the left side it is Cappella Davanzati with the tomb of Giuliano Davanzati. In the transept in the right it is a portal that leads to Via del Parione in Buontalenti’s cloister and refectory. Michelangelo loved this Church and called it “My wife”.