5 Tips for a Properly Planned US Road Trip

One of the most iconic American adventures is the undertaking of the “Great American Road Trip”. Packing the car with necessities and taking off for a selection of new, strange cities can be both exhilarating and nerve racking. Calm your nerves! There are just a few things that if you keep in mind, will ensure you have the most successful American road trip possible. Or, you can ignore our experienced advice and take off blindly… your choice!

  1. Pick the sights, not the cities. It’s easy to say, “hey I want to go to LA!” and yeah, there’s plenty to do once you make the travel out there to Los Angeles, California. But there are also some really great things to see in less popular American towns along the way. Do some research and pick a handful of American landmarks and other unique sights that you feel like you have to see. Then you’ll be able to plan your travel and US cities around the best route, pure efficiency! Making an American road trip purely based off of major, popular US cities is a surefire way to miss the best sights off the beaten path.
  2. Leave the non-essentials at home. This should be common knowledge for anyone who has thought about making an American road trip. Bringing along more items than are absolutely necessary is a HUGE mistake. Pack wisely and you’ll find that moving your stuff around isn’t that huge of a pain in the neck. Alright… so it definitely still sucks. But by minimizing your baggage on your US road trip, you’ll have a much easier time staying mobile. And that’s really the point, isn’t it?
  3. Call mom often. Being on the road can get lonely, even if you’re traveling with a friend. There are plenty of interesting people to meet while you’re traveling in America but you’ll also be leaving these people as you leave each city. Sometimes calling home and hearing mom or a couple barks from Fido can be a swift cure to natural loneliness. Plus it’ll make mom super happy to hear from her kid!
  4. Cities with friends could mean cheap living. Don’t get all independent and decide to tackle the American road trip by yourself! If you’re anything like me, you have plenty of friends in various US cities that would be glad to have you stay on there couch for a night or two. Maintaining relationships and living minimally can sometimes mean traveling across the United States without ever having to pay for a bed! If you do end up crashing at a friend’s for a few days, do them a favor and shower. And don’t overstay your welcome, guy!
  5. GPS is great, but don’t forget an atlas! It’s 2015 and who doesn’t have some sort of GPS? Whether it be an iPhone or a car GPS, anyone can tackle the road confidently and without struggling too much with directions. The American landscape can be very remote, though, and people tend to forget about some of the loneliest places in the country! If you’re planning on taking an American road trip, do yourself a favor and throw down some cash on a trusy, up-to-date atlas. When you’re completely disconnected on a scenic route in Utah you’ll thank us!