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The Best All Inclusive Family Vacation Packages

Planning a family vacation can take a lot of hard work, particularly if you all have different interests and aspirations about what you want to get out of your next family vacation. While some children might want exciting adventures in the outdoors, others may be more interested in live entertainment and fun activities. However, for the parents, the All Inclusive family vacation is not just about considering the destination and activities on offer, but the cost and stress of planning it all. (more…)

Top Three Hotels in San Diego, CA – A Review

So you’ve found yourself in San Diego, California. There are many different reasons why someone would visit this city. Some of them include the amazing scenery that this city offers (more…)

Winter Ski Resorts in San Diego?

One might not think San Diegans take to winter sports, however that is not the case. When winter arrives, one of the main ski resorts the snow bunnies of San Diego head to, is Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort located in Central California. (more…)

15 Spas to Nurture Your Senses in San Diego

With year-round nearly perfect climate and unparalleled natural beauty, San Diego provides the perfect backdrop for rekindling the spirit and pampering the body. San Diego boasts a bevy of spas with top-of-the-line treatments, first-class services and indulgent amenities; these luxurious escapes can be found throughout the region nestled against the dramatic Pacific coastline, perched high above the glittering downtown skyline and set amidst the serenity of lush inland canyons. (more…)

The 10 Best Dive Bars in San Diego

Clubs and fancy lounges are okay for some. But for others, finding a good dive bar to post up and drown out sorrows is more appealing. San Diego has plenty of lowly dive bars ideal for a brew or two (or six). These 10 dive bars in San Diego are our favorites! (more…)

San Francisco: A Charming Destination of California

San Francisco is a cosy compact, yet energetic, vibrant city in the state of California, and is nestled in the green hills, with Victorian homes of the old charm, yet it is a hub of commerce and tourism. (more…)

Long Beach, California Trouble in Paradise

Ordinarily, a visit to Long Beach would be considered a trip to paradise. That is not the case this year because California is undergoing significant lack of rainfall which has prompted Long Beach officials to issue a clarion call to the Long Beach public to help save on water consumption. The Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners are asking the public to conserve water in three major ways: (more…)

Laguna Beach One of the Priciest Pieces of Real Estate in California

Let’s be honest: Laguna Beach real estate properties are quite expensive maybe you could even say very expensive. If you are looking to buy into the Laguna Beach real estate market, you had better prepare up to $2,000,000 because that is the median home price at the moment for that market. Though the soaring prices for homes in Laguna Beach are nice for the existing homeowners there (more…)

Things to do in Santa Barbara

The charming coastal town of Santa Barbara, situated kissing the Pacific Ocean in California, is one of the most beautiful towns in the state. Just driving around the town, and enjoying the beautiful views is one of the most popular things to do in Santa Barbara. There are a number of things to do besides this; the city of Santa Barbara has a literal abundance of excellent dining options and shopping centers. There are also a huge number of cultural attractions, such as museums, art galleries and ateliers. There are a number of art fests at the board walk at the beach here. The parks here are also notable. (more…)

Things to do in Orange County CA

Orange County is placed in the Los Angeles suburbs, in Southern California. Orange County attracts a huge number of travelers from all over the United States and the world, who are mainly attracted by the Disney Land Park, situated in the city of Anaheim. The county is also famed for its pristine beaches, and is an ideal destination for a beach holiday. There are a whole number of things to do in Orange County CA. There are a number of exquisite beaches at Newport, Laguna and Huntingdon, the pristine sands and crystal clear waters here are a favorite with a whole number of tourists. The coast, along with the charming coastal towns, stretches for more than thirty miles, right from San Diego and LA Harbour. (more…)