Scenic Delights At Seattle

Seattle is amazing picturesque destination in Washington. It is a post card city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and by two large lakes, with mountain ranges making a dramatic background.

Seattle is the hub of aviation industry and it is the base where huge Boeing aircraft is manufactured, which can be a delightful sight for the visitors, it is an abode of legends of IT industry and the birth place of Starbucks coffee chain and is a Mecca of cafe Mocha.

Seattle panorama

Seattle is a city of dreams, where many have made big by sheer determination, and there is a sense of enthusiasm in the air, with Pike place market as the meeting point for the rich and beautiful, for the young and crazy, as the waterfront here is a gourmet’s delight with you may find eating places serving you the best of organically cooked foods, freshly baked cakes and breads, tons of cheese packs from different parts of the world and an exotic choice in sea-food.

The city of Seattle is blessed with Mount Rainer, a huge mountain with amazing landscape and when you stand at the top of the peak alone, you feel you have conquered the entire world.

The amazing changing of colors which start from the first light of dawn, changes to pink, rose and lilac and makes an amazing and a mesmerizing sight at the mountains, giving us a message that changes we see are in our eyes and in the light ,but mountains stay unchanged strong and silent.

The Mount Rainer national park is a destination endowed with snow capped peaks, the fauna and flora of nature in abundance and an ideal destination for trekking, adventure, and excitement.