Things to do in Maui Hawaii

Maui is an island part of Hawaii in the United States, and is considered by many as among the most rewarding holiday destinations in the United States. The island abounds in typical Hawaiian beauty; the beaches here are pristine paradises with crystal clear turquoise waters kissing the shores. There is a plethora of attractions here that make for a heavenly holiday, there is no dearth to quality accommodation nor facilities here. Let us look at the main things to do in Maui Hawaii. The diverse geography here has myriad opportunities on offer for all manner of activities.

The rain forests here have some heavenly locales – pristine valleys, meandering streams and waterfalls, the highlight of the attractions being the Haleakala crater, which is eerily similar to the land on moon, housing the ‘silversword’ an extremely rare plant form. The Waihee Valley is another excellent spot to explore, especially the Ridges. There are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world here. Some excellent treks can be had here, and these forests are also a naturalist’s destination. There are a number of trails which can be navigated using a good map of the area. Exploring the pristine rainforests is among the best things to do in Maui Hawaii.

Maui Hawaii

The coastline here, which is close to a hundred and twenty miles long, is home to some eighty beaches. The beaches here are among the most beautiful, with white sands and blue waters. The beaches on the western and southern shores mainly are well known for scuba diving, and the waters here are home to some of the most beautiful specimens of sea creatures, and this is what makes diving here a perfectly rewarding experience. There are a whole number of excellent dive shops from where one can rent gear and get guidance.

There are the conservation sites such as the Honolua Bay at the west coast and the Wailea beach, which is home to a crater of volcanic origin called the Molokini, that offer brilliant snorkeling. These areas can also be explored in boats with glass bottoms and submarines as well. There are some beautiful locations on offer here, and exploring the underwater here is among the most interesting things to do in Maui Hawaii.

There are a whole range of excellent shopping centers here, such as boutiques, malls, shops, as well as shops that sell unique Hawaiian artifacts such as glass jewelry, and other handicrafts.