Things to do at the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands are the most amazing islands in the world for their marvelous collection of wildlife present on these islands. Galapagos Island is a place you must visit if you are wildlife enthusiast. It has plethora of exotic marine life, birds, reptiles etc. also the place geaographic and ecology is also amazing. Galapagos Islands is that place on which Charles Darwin got the inspiration for his theory of Survival of Fittest, for origin of species etc. in the lush, verdant jungles and pristine beaches Galapagos Island is must visit. Take cruise to Galapagos Island.  There are many remote islands that needs to be explored. The islands are protected and managed by the Galapagos Islands National Park. There are many things to do in Galapagos island, some which are very famous and others off beaten tracks things to do that’s going to thrill your holidays here.

Galapagos lava-tunnel

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling is definitely must and these things to do are not to be mentioned as these are obvious and are actually one of the best places to do these water sports to see the myriads of marine life.

Surfing can also be done a San Cristobal with rare birds cheering you from above and giant iguanas cheering you from beside.

Visit the Lonesome George:

One of the last tortoise of its specie… this tortoise named George is now last in its species which has gone extinct due to excessive killing.

Visit Charles Darwin Research Center:

See how many biologist and all are working hard to unravel mysteries of this islands along with rearing albine tortoise which were to become extinct but are now being reared and taken care of so that they done become extinct. Also here on the Galapagos islands you can see tortoise in their wild living style yet safe in the El Chato Tortoise Reserve.

Also on this islands you can see the exotic and endemic brown Pelican and Pelecanus occidentalis urinator. Also there are Lava Lizards which are endemic to these islands, see painted locust the largest insect of the Galapagos islands, also the amazing looking Galapagos Doves. Its said bird watching is must thing to do in Galapagos islands.

Also experience the Lava tubes that is magma which has solidified which then has created many tunnels once the lava stopped flowing. Puerto Ayora is best places on Galapagos islands to see the lava tubes.

Galapagos islands are must visit place at least once in your life time for amazing experience with nature and its beautiful creatures seeing them in their wilderness