Top Travel Destinations For All Tastes

Many men many minds, so the countries that one person treats like top travel destinations can turn to be a bore for another. Below is the list of top travel destinations 2016 for all tastes.

Eden-like top travel destinations

If the best vacation for you is the synonym of golden beaches, green palms, gentle blue waves and bronze tan, then your list of top travel destinations will include Morocco, Dubai, Fiji, and Thailand.

Visit Morocco as one of your top travel destinations and you won’t be disappointed because alongside with gorgeous beaches and generous exchange rate, there are a lot of other things that will rejoice you: Casablanca, Marrakesh, Atlas Mountains, and many more. Caution: visiting Morocco (as well as other Muslim countries) during Ramadan is a very bad idea because most shops are closed and drinking is forbidden even for tourists. And beware of pickpockets! Dubai is a luxurious place, and wonderful sights can be met on every corner there. Don’t forget to buy some spices and go to night club! Fiji is a gorgeous place you can visit at comparatively low price. Chill out on the beach and leave all your worries behind! Thailand is famous by its food and friendly inhabitants. Diving is one of the best things to do there. These exotic places are top travel destinations for people who are tired of crazy daily routines and want to give a break to their bodies and minds.

Thailand tropical beach, traditional long tail boats, famous Maya Bay

Thailand tropical beach, traditional long tail boats, famous Maya Bay

Top Travel Destinations for Intellectuals

Some people despise mindless lying on the beach and choose tours with cultural, historical and educational purposes as their top travel destinations. If you are eager to see the world, feel free to travel around the world. Travelling the world today is affordable, so you just need to grab your tickets, world travel guides, and see all the best travel destinations in the world. If world trip is too extreme for you, you still can limit yourself to several destinations: Italy, Greece, China, etc. The echoes of past can be heard everywhere in Italy. Once Roman Empire, Italy is the cradle of the whole European civilization and definitely has a lot of sights to visit: the “Eternal City” Rome, Genoa, Venice, Verona, their innumerous cathedrals, narrow streets and cafes; Coliseum, Pisa…well, you’d better go and see it all yourself! Greece is famous for its ancient history and will be a great destination for those who strive for knowledge. Visit Athens and Crete – the homes of almighty Gods and brave Heroes. Speaking about China, it is a crazy mix of invaluable cultural heritage and hi-tech achievements. Great Chinese wall, Shanghai, Shaolin monasteries and Yangtze River are fantastic! Visiting these top travel destinations is better than reading tons of history textbooks!

Delphi, Temple of Apollo

Delphi, Temple of Apollo

Top Travel Destinations for Aesthetic Pleasure

As mentioned above, top travel destinations are different for different characters and tastes. If you are eager to see the masterpieces of ancient and medieval architecture, you would be pleased to visit places like Paris, Prague, Machu Picchu, Berlin, and Vienna. Eiffel Tower and Louvre, Prague Castle and Old Town Square, fabled Incan ruins, Strasse unter den Linden and Brandenburger Tor, and wonderful Opera houses and imperial palaces – these sights don’t require any introduction! History pierces these cities through and through, and their beauty is almost blinding. Prepare to spend a little more money on excursions because they are actually the main touristic activities there. So, now it’s up to you to chose your list of top travel destinations!

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

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