Public Transport in Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg is served by an efficient network of buses run by the “Autobus municipaux de la Ville de Luxembourg”. The main centre of the capital city is very compact and eminently walkable, in spite of the cliffs and ramparts which so characterise the old fortress city. (cf City map). There is no underground or tramway service, but there are very interesting plans to improve on the existing link from the airport to the railway station

Unless you can show a pass, a ride on a City bus will set you back a flat fare of 1.50 € (± £1.20). This “billet courte-durée” (i.e. short time ticket) is valid for two hours from first use on the whole of Luxembourg’s public transport network, and also allows transits between city and country buses and trains. Readers might like to know that a block of 10 such tickets can be purchased in advance for the cost of 12 euros, thus giving 20% off the regular tarif. Since there is no date on the tickets when they are bought, passengers must – when they first use the ticket – stick it into the machines on buses and train platforms, so as to get the time of first use printed on the ticket.


Dogs may also be taken -free of charge- on City buses.

You might like to know that you can order the “Nightrider” nightbus (or to fetch you and take you wherever you want to be taken in Luxembourg City, almost like a taxi, except that you may be sharing the journey with others. This service operates every night between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. Just order the bus on Freephone 8002 1010 at least 20 minutes before your intended departure. Costs for this service: Monday-Thursday: 18 Euros for a return journey (=pink tarif); Sat-Sun: 24 Euros for a return journey (black tarif). It might be useful to point out here that -understandably- this service gets rather busy, hence we recommend early booking, if you’d like to make use of this service.

For further details on all City Bus services, see or telephone: (+352) 4796 2975.

The Luxembourger is justly proud of the geographical variety of his small country. Especially if you’re only on a short visit to the country, you should not miss out on visiting the Ardennes hills and forests, the wine-making valley of the Moselle, or the lovely “Little Switzerland” – also known as Müllerthal – and the “Minette”, the Land of the Red Earth. From the capital, you are no more than 1 hour away from anywhere within Luxembourg. Browse our Country Picture Gallery if you feel you need convincing that a trip to Luxembourg’s countryside (some ten minutes from the City Centre) is worth the effort 😉

National Tickets

A so-called “Billet réseau” (i.e. network ticket, or even “Day ticket”) is available at railway stations throughout the country, and at the airport. It covers unlimited travel on all forms of public transport (city buses, trains and country coaches) for one day (which is considered to last until 8 am the next morning) throughout the country. It is not valid on sightseeing buses.

You can purchase a single ticket for 4.00 € [roughly £3.20], or a block of 5 such tickets for the cost of 4 single issue tickets: 16.00 € [± £13]. (or check Currency converter )

You may use the “Day-Pass” ticket in First Class accommodation (available on trains, but not on buses), by paying a supplement of 2.50 € [supplement payable in railway stations and on the trains themselves].

A “Weekend ticket” costing 6 Euro might be of interest to small groups. This type of ticket covers up to 5 people (who do not need to be family-related!) for unlimited travel on Luxembourg’s public transport network for 1 day (either Saturday or Sunday) until 3 a.m. the next morning. Note that these tickets are not sold in blocks of 10, and that they are only valid in 2nd class.

Other forms of such network tickets include monthly tickets (45 €). People over 65 years of age, and mini-groups (eg large families) can benefit from a reduction of 50% (you’ll need to prove your age, e.g. with your passport).

It is also well worth investigating the LuxembourgCard which also includes free transport, and in addition gives you free entry to 50 attractions thoughout the country for about five pounds a day for a single user, or ten pounds a day for a family of five.

See also: (for national train timetables)

and: (for national bus timetables) Alas, this site is only available in French/German, so if you’re unable to understand those languages, the short instructions are to select “departure” and “arrival” destinations in the 2 selection boxes sub: “Fahrpläne zu Direktverbindungen suchen”. That will bring up a list of links to the timetables for those destinations.

For bus and train timetables you might also want to check out: which gives an English-language interface to all public transport in Luxembourg!


Railway Timetables

The Luxembourg Railways run to the “Horaire Cadencé” schedule, meaning that there is at least 1 train every hour to every station at the same time of every hour between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Train timetables are at:

The Information service of CFL, the Luxembourg National Railways (also giving Country Bus information), can be contacted direct by Tel: (+ 352) 4990-4990 or (+ 352) 4990-5572 [every day GMT: 5 a.m. to 19 p.m.] and by Fax: (+ 352) 49 35 32.

Talking about Railways, it is perhaps well worth duplicating here some of the links presented elsewhere on this site:
The Railserver of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) at: offers a most useful email service with timetables from all German stations (and many a Belgian and French station too), to Luxembourg.
In this context, the Belgian Railways website is also worthy of note, as is the French equivalent service offered at

You might also like to know that dogs and bicycles are allowed to travel free on Luxembourg’s trains and buses, provided there is space. Passengers with bikes will though have to put them on and off trains by themselves.

Public Transport maps

Just for completeness sake, we have placed here a Railway Network Map, and have also added a schematic plan of public transport in Luxembourg, which includes both trains and national coaches. Though complete, it may be a trifle tricky to get to grips with, our apologies.

Further Information

For those who have a keen interest in Luxembourg’s railways, you might like to have a look at the Train 1900, and check out:

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