Surfing in Gran Canaria

As the island is often called “Hawaii of the Atlantic”, no doubt that surfing in Gran Canaria is a wonderful attraction. Excellent weather and an abundance of sandy beaches, with the proper conditions for every level of ability, tempt surfing and bodyboarding lovers from all around the world to visit this beautiful island.

If you are new to surfing, most of the schools are located on the south coast of the island, while the north coast attracts more experienced surfers. Although the best place for practising the sport depends on certain conditions, such as wind or wave strength and height, these are some of the most popular spots for surfing in Gran Canaria.

Confital beach is located in “La Isleta”, the small peninsula and old fisherman’s quarter of Las Palmas and just a few minutes walking from Las Canteras. It is probably the best beach for surfing in Gran Canaria. Confital beach is usually full of surfers (especially at weekends), who enjoy the best right-hand waves on the island and possibly ones of the best in Europe. However this spot is only for experts.

Arguineguin is a great surfing spot on the south coast with a long right-hander point break wave. The wave is not powerful but breaks perfectly for a long ride. It is a good place for beginners and not far away from the most popular resorts in Gran Canaria.

La Cicer is great place for beginners, located in Las Palmas, at the western part of Las Canteras beach, where the natural volcanic barrier finishes. Due to a good location and probably the best beach break wave, La Cicer is usually packed, especially at the weekends.

El Lloret is another nice surfing place, located in the capital city of Gran Canaria. There can be found probably the most consistent waves on the island, as it always seems to be a good time for surfing. As this place is situated in Las Palmas, usually there are a lot of people and especially local ones. The wave at El Lloret is not the most difficult in Gran Canaria, but this spot is still not for the beginners.

Playa del Inglés is the most popular resort and also not a bad place to learn surfing in Gran Canaria. It is a nice sandy beach with the small beach break waves. There are a lot of swimmers in the water, so you must be careful. An alternative nearby spot is La Punta de Maspalomas (Maspalomas point), which can offer similar conditions to Playa del Ingles but much fewer people. Between those two beaches there is another good surfing place at the area by the Faro de Maspalomas (Maspalomas lighthouse). However, the conditions are totally different here, as the wave is a point break and a right hander. Although the wave is not powerful, it might be long and fun.

Bodyboarding and surfing in Gran Canaria is very popular with both: the locals and the tourists. Many come here for practising water sports and the good waves can make your vacation unforgettable. However, if you are new to surfing or bodyboarding, be careful, as it can be dangerous. Sometimes the waves are stronger than they seem from the coast. Also there might be currents, eddies and rocks in the water. There are plenty of accommodation options and things to do in Gran Canaria. Visit SingleTripAdvisor for activites or for resorts and hotel options.

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