Tourist Attractions in England

This was my third visit to this great country that has never disappointed any tourist. In fact, it has been ranked 5th in the list of top 10 famous tourist destinations in the world as per the number of visitors per year. So, when people like me make plans to visit the nation again and again, obviously this honor is inevitable. But, the real credit goes to the awesome tourist attractions in England. Seriously, even if you are in any of its towns or hamlets, you still have something great to explore.

This time it was the turn of some islets. Nestled 4 miles off the mainland, the Isle of Wight offers amazing scenery, unblemished coast, and a myriad of sandy beaches. Besides offering the ideal sunshine, the tourist attractions here are plenty of craft centers, country parks, historic buildings, sports, and leisure activities. Dubbed as ‘England in Miniature’, the island is full of contrasting landscapes. One of sporting tourist attractions in England is offered in Cowes here that is yachting for which the site is well popular in the world. This is also the location for a myriad of national and international events ranging from sailing to power boating.

Alnwick castle

Alnwick castle

In the East Cowes, do explore the Osborne House that was the former favorite residence of Queen Victoria who died in 1901 here. You will also come across some famous resorts on the southeast coast namely, Shanklin, Ventnor, and Sandown. One more sight of attraction is the Carisbrooke Castle where King Charles I was detained via the parliamentarian power. It is situated in the island’s middle besides Newport. Move to the west where the spectacular Needles, outcrops will stun your eyes or head to the Alum Bay where the notable hued sand of cliffs will put you in an unbelievable state.

The Isles of Scilly was my next destination located at a distance of 50 km off the Land’s End. This is the home of some 100 islands of which only five are occupied. These are among the interesting tourist attractions in England due to the warm and more temperate climate as compared to the mainland. The top highlight here is to take a boat trip to explore smaller islands, especially from Hugh Town on St Mary’s that is the largest island where the towering Star Castle is also worth exploring. Do not miss visiting Tresco where you will love to discover the superb sub-tropical Abbey Gardens and the Abbey, one of the major tourist attractions in England. Bryher is also vital with its two small fortresses and the natural Hell Bay.

Dorset is also another famous destination in England. Here, explore the resort of Bournemouth offering superb sandy beaches, first-class shopping, applaudable entertainment, and convenient hotels. Besides this, Poole boasts the second-largest natural harbor on Earth that offers the nature reserve of Brownsea. Reach here via a boat trip that does cross this area. Other sights of interest here are the Tower Park leisure complex where entertainment and activities keep you engaged for many hours. At the quayside, you might feel as if you are in the 18th century with its Poole Pottery and the Waterfront Museum.

To the west of Poole, the Isle of Purbeck is also worth visiting with its scenic coastline and its resort of Swanage. Then, move further where Weymouth offers a fine beach, panoramic bay, and historic harbor. Here, you can expect different entertaining activities for your family along with the major attractions and events such as the Brewer’s Quay leisure and shopping development. Linked via the Chesil Beach causeway to Weymouth is the interesting cape of Portland. Besides the popular stone, the other attractions are a series of castles, a lighthouse, and small coves. To the northeast of Weymouth, Shaftesbury on the land is the oldest hilltop town of Dorset featuring steep paved streets. Just to the south is the beautiful Blandford Forum of the 18th century, while to the southeast is the market town called Wimborne Minster famous for its unusual churches.