Things to do in Orange County CA

Orange County is placed in the Los Angeles suburbs, in Southern California. Orange County attracts a huge number of travelers from all over the United States and the world, who are mainly attracted by the Disney Land Park, situated in the city of Anaheim. The county is also famed for its pristine beaches, and is an ideal destination for a beach holiday. There are a whole number of things to do in Orange County CA. There are a number of exquisite beaches at Newport, Laguna and Huntingdon, the pristine sands and crystal clear waters here are a favorite with a whole number of tourists. The coast, along with the charming coastal towns, stretches for more than thirty miles, right from San Diego and LA Harbour.

Orange County has been famous as the playground of the rich and famous since ages. The county has some rich residents, mainly in the towns such as the Newport Beach and Laguna, and you will see numerous yachts anchored in the sea in the distance, as well as some exclusive yacht clubs, upscale restaurants, clubs, and bars, along with some exclusive shops. There is a whole number of things to do in Orange County CA, and shopping is one of the most fun.

Orange County

Newport has a good number of attractions of its own such as the County Museum of Art, and the Sherman Library and Gardens, along with the Balboa Pier, which is a heavenly marine that has boats setting out for the Santa Catalina Island.  The island is placed about 20 mi from the LA coast, and is a great one day trip, with a collection of excellent beaches, green hills, and unique flora and fauna.

The County Museum of Art is a must visit when you are in Newport, and there are a number of unique collections of contemporary art that have been worked on by local artists. The Sherman Library and Gardens are another great attraction, with some heavenly flowers, cacti, tropical flowers and plants, and the Library here has a good collection of books as well. Among the main things to do in Orange County CA, a visit to Santa Catalina Island is one of the most exciting, and rewarding.

The Huntington beach is a relaxed and easy going coast, with a number of excellent destinations. The town is not very pricey, and the restaurants and cafes here will not cost very much. There are a number of attractions such as the Surfers Walk of Fame, which pays tribute to the greatest names in the world of Surfing. There are professional Surfing championships held here in June, annually.