Finding the right holiday rentals in Greece

Achingly beautiful landscapes, bouncy and boisterous nightclubs, chilled out and calm sandy beaches – Greece is a country of many sides, and finding the perfect place to stay really means working out what kind of holiday you’re hoping for.

As many of us know, there’s little that can beat the freedom of a holiday rental when you’re planning a long holiday or a busy weekend. Hotels can be great for the right circumstances, but when you’d like a little extra privacy, you’re travelling with a big group or you really just want the ability to come and go as you please, a holiday rental is the best choice every time – but how to find the right one for your holiday?

Make sure that when you book your flights to Pathos you have the perfect holiday rental ready and waiting for you, by doing a little investigating before you go.


What kind of stay are you planning?

If you’re planning a stay in Greece that will allow you to kick back and relax for a romantic week or two, search for holiday rentals in areas like Santorini or Rhodes. For a family friendly holiday, consider Halkidiki or Zante, which are packed with fun for the whole family.

On the other hand, if your holiday will be a fun packed stay with friends, you’d be better off planning a stay somewhere like the island of Ios, Mykonos or Corfu, where the parties stay open late and there’s always something exciting going on.

Where do you expect to spend most of your time?

When you’re choosing your holiday rental, it’s a good idea to bear in mind how much time you actually plan to spend in it. For some people, accommodation is little more than a base they return to after a day filled with sight seeing and adventures. For others, it is a sanctuary perfect for allowing them to completely relax away from the stresses of everyday life.

By knowing which side of the coin you fall on, you’ll be able to work out whether you need a large villa or just a few rooms in an apartment complex for your perfect holiday.

What kind of amenities do you need?

Of course, you’ll also want to think carefully about the kind of amenities you need, because not only do you want to make sure you have everything you want, but you also want to avoid paying for things you won’t be using. For example, a holiday rental with a driveway or car parking facilities may cost a little more, but it’ll be worth it if you’re planning on hiring a car for a stay. And a private pool might be a very enjoyable luxury, but if you’re staying by the sea do you think you’ll actually end up using it? These are the kind of questions that could save you money.

There are some amenities that may not come as standard but that you expect, such as a washing machine or microwave, so always be sure to check the descriptions carefully.

Are you looking for help planning your holiday too?

When you book holiday rentals with some companies, they’ll be happy to help you discover all the wonderful things to see and do nearby, and some will even be able to organise these experiences for you. Other companies rent their properties as they are, leaving it up to you to discover Greece. If you’re putting the holiday together yourself, you’ll be able to find cheap flights online and there are plenty of vacation rental websites which should be able to offer you some considerable savings on accommodation.

Either option can be very enjoyable, but if you’re unsure of the area and want some guaranteed holiday excursions, the first one might suit you best.

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