French luxury holiday: A Luxury Villa or a 5-Star Hotel?

A French luxury holiday is something that can mean different things to different people. However, whether someone is into a quiet retreat or glittering action, not many disagree that France is an excellent destination for a taste of the good life.

The thought of renting villas in France or even some old chateau is exhilarating at the very least. Staying in a villa has its specific charm, and you get a better feel for the country, the local culture, and lets you better sink in the surroundings. Then there are the exceptional 5-star hotels in France. Both options are very appealing, but we think that the charm and the possibilities of a luxury villa beat everything that any hotel can offer.

French luxury villas

Why choose a luxury villa over a 5-star hotel?

That’s one of the biggest dilemmas most people have before planning their French holiday. 5-Star Hotels are great; they offer top service,  great food, exceptional wine collections, and so on. Their guests are pampered and treated like actual royalties. There is a lot to like about them.

But on the other hand, renting a luxury villa can bring a few exceptional things that you can’t have with any hotel. Here is what a luxury villa brings to the table:

Privacy is something that you can have in a luxury villa. Hotels, no matter how luxurious, can’t match that level of privacy. Hotels don’t have their private gardens, private pools, and so on. Besides the room and your bathroom, everything else is pretty much shared with other guests. Villas are all about giving your own space to do what and whatever you want.

French luxury

Meals in hotels are served at a particular time, and they expect you to be there at the given time frame. Otherwise, you can easily miss the meal for which you’ve already paid for.

Hotels during peak tourist seasons can be very crowded, and there are usually plenty of people. That means doing a lot of small talks with other tourists, sometimes waiting for a table at the hotel restaurant, and other inconvenient things you must endure. That will never be an issue if you are in a villa. You can make your meal or choose to dine at any of the local restaurants.

What types of luxury villas are available?

Some people prefer a villa with a pool, others for the villa to be furnished in old classical style, then some prefer villas in modern styles with all the modern amenities that come with it. The truth is, the French have it all; all styles and types of villas can be found and booked.

French luxury villas

Where are they located?

They are everywhere in France. The demand for luxury villas in France has always been high and is in high demand by both local and foreign tourists. From the south to the very north of the country, and all in between, luxury villas are everywhere to rent. Some are located in the countryside, others in the vineyards, mountains, on the outskirts of big cities, on the coastline, in the riviera, and so on. Some of the most popular destinations include places like

In conclusion

Those were the arguments as to why a luxury villa will always beat a 5-star hotel. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to everyone’s preferences and what anyone imagines as the perfect luxury holiday. For some, that still might be a stay in a 5-star holiday, while for many others, a luxury villa is irreplaceable and can truly capture the essence of a luxury holiday.