Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze

Housed in the Palazzo della Crocetta it was founded in 1881 and completely refurbished after flood of 1966.
The museum is based on two important collection: the Etruscan and the rare and valuable Egyptian items, greek works and a famous bronzes collection, to remember the fampus Chimera discovered in Arezzo in 16th century.

The Antiquarium continues onto the second floor with the important collection of ceramics. Standing out in particular is the so-called François Vase an Attic krater made by Ergòtimos and designed by Clitias.
Two “kouroi”, known as the Apollo and Apollino Milano, belog to the large collection of marble statues.
There is also an interesting collection of funerary sculptures from Vetulonia, Populonia and Chiusi.

This museum is very important because it contains one of the most fascinating laboratory of archaeological restoration in Italy (the center of restoration SAT). In this laboratory Riace’s bronzes, the sarcophagus of bride and bridgeroom of Louvre, the equestrian statue in bronze and gold of Cartoceto have been restored.