Sightseeing in Luxembourg: the Wenzel walk

This is a classic, probably the most visiting spot in Luxembourg. So, why is it so popular? The Wenzel walk is a journey through history, “a thousand years’ worth of history in a hundred minutes” so they say. The site belongs to the UNESCO world heritage.

But most of all, I like the Wenzel walk because it is beautiful. Especially on sunny days: Where is it ? It starts on the Bock promontory (look for the tourists). You will stand on the edge of a big cliff.

Then just follow the signs, they are really easy to find. You might also consider to get lost, which is not a bad idea (I did and it was nice).

They will take you down the cliff to the Alzette and the Neumünster Abbaye. I recommend that you print this little guide. It will give you some more information on what you see.

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