International Travelers Welcome at Virginia Beach

As one of the top East Coast beaches in the United States, Virginia Beach has drawn its share of international visitors who want to enjoy the mild climate and clean sandy beaches that can be found here. Virginia Beach has been dubbed a resort city, and can be reached by flying to either Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport or Norfolk International Airport. If you reside in any nearby states, you can also easily take ground transportation to Virginia Beach for example, Washington, DC is just three and one-half hours away from Virginia Beach which makes a commute or drive an easy task. You can even look around while on the way so you can enjoy the scenery.

Virginia Beach
International travelers
International travelers may find that anyone with their nationality (be it Canadian, German, Spanish or French) is quite welcome to stay at Virginia Beach. In fact, there are certain promos which are specially available to such visitors, such as the Canada Weeks promo lasting from September 3 to 29, 2007. This promo allows Canadian visitors to stay at certain participating hotels for free on their seventh night at that lodging place. International visitors who want to change their currency can do so at the Norfolk International Airport.

Virginia Beach
Virginia Green
The Commonwealth has also undertaken a new campaign called Virginia Green which tries to convince everyone involved in the tourism and hospitality industry of Virginia to implement and observe environmentally-friendly policies and practices. One facility which is part of the Virginia Green movement is the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau is actually the first Virginia-based convention center that has been able to successfully establish Core Activities expected of convention centers. These Core Activities are: promoting green events and conventions, energy efficiency, water efficiency, reducing usage of disposables and Styrofoam, and of course recycling as well. Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau Director James B. Ricketts noted that promoting environmentally-friendly practices leaves Virginia Beach convention centers in a better position to serve the needs of convention planners, and the community as well. Ricketts also observed that clients of the tourism and hospitality industry seem to be more eager to patronize environmentally-conscious industry players nowadays. In the end, this is a win-win situation for all concerned the community becomes cleaner and adopts a less destructive lifestyle while clients get better facilities to hold their conventions and special events in.

Virginia Beach

Lodging and Reservations
If you are planning to head for Virginia Beach anytime soon, it is advisable you give advanced notice or a reservation to your preferred lodging place there. This is because, if you arrive off-season on the spur of the moment, you might find your preferred lodging facility to be closed. You will need to make a deposit for your reservation via money order, credit card, or check after the hotel has received your deposit, your reservation will be confirmed for you. You should also ask how many days you are required to stay as the minimum stay requirement. Hotels may request that you stay for at least two to four days for your reservation to pass muster.