Orlando: A Wonderland in Florida

Orlando is a city in Florida where dreams come true all at one time. The city of Orlando is a destination for fun, excitement, and lifts the spirits of the people and there is a feel of a carnival a feast all over the years with visitors thronging from all over the world to visit Disneyland, the fantasy land of every child.

Disney land is a destination which is a source of joy and inspiration for millions of people and the magic exuded by this place fills your heart with thrill and excitement.

Disney world is literally Orlando, and takes you to the land of Walt Disney’ incredible world of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Little Mermaid, and Pirates of Caribbean.


The 47 square mile Disney land is as big as San Francisco and is the largest theme park and resort complex in the whole world.

You may visit the MGM studios a site dedicated to Hollywood, but a place where thousands of dreams and fantasies, stories of human interest, comedies, love stories, thrillers were created and where reality and illusion were locked in a fusion to create magic of cinema.

You may enjoy the thrilling space rides with R2D2 of star wars, just stroll around the parks and enjoy a lovely picnic and after a lovely meal join the thrilling stunt show where you can witness at first hand Hollywood stunts performed in full view of the spectators with action packed cars chasing, screaming mean machines, burning tyres flying motor cycles and a climax with a man in flames and all these stunts will pump up your adrenaline.

The house of terrors will take your breath away where the elevator zooms up to 13 floors in the blink of eye and drops you the same way.

Orlando clearly is a city that creates happiness.