Planning a honeymoon in Hawaii on a budget

Want to have your honeymoon in paradise but don’t think you can afford it? Here are six tips for planning a Hawaii honeymoon on a budget. Follow them to create a romantic adventure that you’ll cherish forever.

Four tips for planning a hawaii honeymoon on a budget.

1.Save on airfare. You can save on airfare by booking early, and by flying during the week rather than on the more expensive weekends. You’ll also save on all inclusive packages to Hawaii if you travel in the low seasons of November to mid-December and January to March. You should check out Expedia, and the other on-line travel sites before you book, but don’t forget to check out the on-line site of the airlines as they may have a cheaper fare if you book directly with them. Consider too whether you, or any of your extended families, have any frequent flyer miles they can use to pay for your flight. Your relative can’t give you their miles, but they can use them to buy your tickets, and they may be delighted to make this very special gift to you.

Maui, Mokapu beach

2.There are many places in Hawaii that lend themselves to romantic strolls through tropical gardens, or along sunset-soaked beaches. Sure, you can pay a helicopter pilot to drop you off in a remote location, but Hawaii has many easily accessible places that don’t cost an arm and a leg to get to. Scout them out on-line before you go and you’ll find that you have many great spots close to your hotel.

3.Book your hotel on-line and save. There are many hotel booking sites, such as Agoda, which have great deals on hotel rooms. Your credit card is charged in advance, and you only have to pay for room service and extra charges when you check out (don’t worry; these sites all have cancellation policies). Shop carefully, as you’ll notice big difference in the cost of the rooms. Check out on-line reviews of the hotels on several sites so that you can be sure you’ll be staying somewhere nice. Finally, call the hotel you’ve decided on directly and see what their best deal is. Sometimes, even when they can’t beat the price of the on-line sites, they will be willing to give you a free upgrade to a better room. Hotel prices, like airfare, are cheaper in the low seasons.

4.Island hopping is fun in Hawaii, and is a generally a great idea for first-time visitors, but for your honeymoon you may wish to stay in one place. It will be cheaper, and you’ll be able to concentrate on your new spouse rather than sight-seeing. Of course you won’t want to spend all your time at your hotel.