San Francisco: A Charming Destination of California

San Francisco is a cosy compact, yet energetic, vibrant city in the state of California, and is nestled in the green hills, with Victorian homes of the old charm, yet it is a hub of commerce and tourism.

The city of San Francisco is heady mix of dramatic night life, unique shopping destination, with museums, parks, theatres, pubs, bars, all packaged to make your holiday a unique experience.

A trip to the California academy of sciences is an interesting outing, which houses a museum, a planetarium, an aquarium which displays images of anaconda, piranhas and other wild exotic sea mammals and species, and you may just walk around the lush green forests around and witness the glory of nature and you may indulge in trekking or biking.

san francisco, golden gate bridge

The filbert steps of San Francisco are legendary and meandering staircases which take your across the hills, alleys, marshes and the lush greenery around is awesome and you can have the spectacular view of the city from the top.

You may shop around for all most everything at the Valencia street 16th -26th, if you are a book over take a trip to the Green Apple Book store, and it you want to have  a feel  of Japan, visit the Japan centre , that is built across courtyards, bridges, shops, eateries and sells all the branded and local Japanese ware.

You may enjoy the rocking night life of San Francisco by pub hopping, watch live concerts or have exotic cocktails at Comstock Saloon or Jommy Joyut. If you wish you can also dance you blues away at the DJ Purple Karaoke.

San Francisco downtown

The famous Golden Gate Bridge is a historic place from where you get an excellent view of the entire city.

San Francisco is really a heady blend of the old world charm and the latest and most modern world and travellers will surely be enchanted in this delightful tourist destination which has the best of locales and views to offer.