Top 5 Things to Do on Oahu

The tropical island of Oahu in Hawaii, is among the most exciting and rewarding destinations for travelers. There is a whole number of attractions in the beautiful island location. There are a whole range of things to do on Oahu, and these range from water sports, choicest restaurants, good doses of culture and myriad Hawaiian attractions that are unique to Oahu.

Hawaii Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Waikiki Beach, Oahu

The Honolulu Zoo –
The Honolulu Zoo houses a huge number of animals in amazing variety. The zoo is among the most interesting visits in Oahu. There are a range of animals housed here from all over the world. The tiger exhibit is a definite must see, and should be missed at no cost. There are also a good number of baby animals here. President Obama of the United States came to the Zoo in January 2010. Visiting the zoo is among the most interesting things to do on Oahu.

The Bishop Museum –
The Bishop Museum makes for a good dose of culture in the afternoons. There are engravings and collections of types of plants housed in the museum. There are also a number of fascinating exhibits that give insights both on the Hawaiian islands with respect to formation, origin and other aspects, as well as information regarding how the Hawaiian culture came into being. There are a whole range of demos and lessons related to things that are an inherent part of a Hawaiian experience, such as lei making and weaving. There is also a good planetarium here.

The Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park –
The Bowfin Submarine Museum and is a definite must see if you are either a patriot or a history aficionado. There are important exhibits that gibe you an opportunity to learn about the Pearl Harbor, and the 1941 response. There are also tours and exhibits related to the creation and use of the Bowfin submarine and the historic attacks.

Hanauma Bay –
A delicious bay that is a snorkeler’s paradise, the Hanauma is home to a range of remarkable attractions. The breathtakingly beautiful bay is home to a cornucopia of vibrantly colored fish that makes plays of colors in the waters. A waterproof camera is among the bare necessities here, for the enormous photo opportunities at the bay here. There is snorkeling gear available on rent here, from the various shops that provide guidance as well.

Waimea Falls Park –
Among the most beautiful locations in the island, the Waimea Falls simply smacks of romance, and is the very location to head to if you are with that special someone. There are a whole range of tropical flowers in full bloom here, as well as some unique Hawaiian artifacts.