Top five Pizza places in Simi Valley

My mom is from New York and has a very high standard for pizza. Because of this, it was seldom that I ever had Pizza Hut or Dominos growing up, except maybe at a school party or at a friend’s house. As a result, I was raised to appreciate a good pizza and to accept nothing less!

Having tried many different pizza places in Simi Valley, here are some of my favorites. (Please keep in mind that I don’t like deep dish style pizzas, so if that’s your thing, this list will be worthless to you.)

Palermo Pizzeria and Restaurant

Palermo is by far the best pizza in Simi Valley. It’s a tiny little place, but their friendly dine-in service and intimate atmosphere make it a great place to sit down and enjoy a pizza out. You can also order take-out to enjoy Simi Valley’s finest pizza at home. The take-out service is very quick, and the woman who is usually working it at dinner time is a very sweet Italian woman. It is one of the more expensive pizza places in town, but you get what you pay for; you will not be disappointed. With big pies, and big slices, you will probably get more than you expected, so don’t order too much! The waitress can usually tell you how much you need to feed the size party you have. Visit Palermo at 2110 Tapo Street, or call (805) 526-3637 to order.

Winners Pizza

It’s not the cheapest pizza place in town, but Winners is reasonably priced and tastes pretty darn good. The pizza is above average, but I truly appreciate that they have a fairly efficient delivery service, and very fast take-out. Order a large for dinner, or try one of their great lunch specials!
Go to the website at for a menu, or call 805-522-0801 to order.

San’s Pizzeria

San’s is one of the newest pizza places in Simi Valley, located in the food court of the Simi Valley Town Center. If you are looking to eat pizza for lunch, then this is a great place to go and enjoy pizza by the slice. They have many creative pizzas, such as white pizza that is made with a white sauce instead of a tomato sauce. The slices are very large, New York style, and the toppings are all very tasty! They also have take-out and delivery, with special parking places right by the food court for people picking up take-out. It’s a family-owned operation, and you will often find the owner behind the counter, helping customers. Call (805) 583-3700 to order.

Chi Chi’s Pizza

Chi Chi’s pizza is one of the more authentic Italian-style pizza places in Simi Valley. The pizza is pretty good, but it is also probably the most expensive pizza place in Simi, particularly if you dine in. They also have good pasta and salad, too. One of the coolest features about Chi Chi’s is that they have a window where you can watch them make the pizzas. They even hand-toss the crust! Visit Chi Chi’s at 5145 E Los Angeles Ave, or call (805) 526-3393 to order.

Guido’s Pizza and Pasta

Guido’s Pizza is a take-out and delivery only pizza place. The best thing about Guido’s is the fact that they send out coupons to all of Simi Valley on a regular basis, and they are a really good deal. The only thing that is kind of bogus about Guido’s is that they are definitely not fast. The pizza is really tasty though, especially for the price. It is probably the best value for pizza in Simi Valley. I highly recommend ordering about 45 minutes before you want to pick it up. It is located on Royal Avenue; call (805) 306-9300 to order.