Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest and most expensive times of year to travel. It’s also the time when many people wish to travel in order to be with family and friends. So if you need or want to travel at this time of year, how can you do it without breaking the bank? Well, here are some tips to help you save some money on your Thanksgiving travel.

Drive Your Car

Airlines have cut flights and raised prices, and that’s making travel on busy travel days very expensive. If you are traveling within reasonable distance, consider driving to your Thanksgiving travel destination this year. Just remember that you will be seeing plenty of other drivers on the road as well, so give yourself plenty of time.

Take the Train

It there are just a few people in your travel party, consider traveling by train this year. Like driving, it will require more time than flying, but depending on your travel plans, it may well save you money. As an added bonus, taking the train for your Thanksgiving travel will avoid the traffic congestion and stress of driving.

Come Early, Stay Late

If you must fly, consider planning your flights several days ahead and after the Thanksgiving holiday. As with the above options, there is often a choice to be made between time and cost. In this case, if you can afford to travel on days farther away from Thanksgiving, you can save significantly on airline tickets.

Stay with Family

If you are looking to save some money on accommodations, consider staying with family rather than paying for a hotel room. Thanksgiving is, after all, a time for spending time with family, and there is no better way to lower Thanksgiving travel costs than to element an expense entirely. Make sure, however, that your hosts will have enough room for you. Also, consider if you will be comfortable spending the bulk of your trip in such close quarters.

Cash in Points

While many airlines may have restrictions on using points from reward programs for Thanksgiving travel, don’t overlook using some reward points to help you save. Hotel programs, for example, may still allow you to use your rewards points. Also, if you choose to fly a few days before or after the Thanksgiving weekend, reward programs may not be blacked out.

Be Prepared in Case of Delays

How can anticipating delays in Thanksgiving travel save you money? Many times when flights or trains are delayed or drivers get stuck in traffic, travelers are caught off guard. Impulse buys of things like books, food and travel pillows and blankets are usually unplanned, and they can explode your budget. When you travel this Thanksgiving, pack a small bag with everything you might need in case of delay. You will save yourself a great deal of money and stress.