Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze – Sezione Botanica “F. Parlatore”

The Natural History Museum was founded by Lorenzo il Magnifico that gave rise to various collection. In 1543 Cosimo I founded the first Botanical Garden of the world in Pisa, destroyed after some years and he founded a second one in Florence.

Florence developed a great interest for nature and the Grand Duke Ferdinando I founded the Museum in Pisa. A century later, Stesone a danish scientist collected for Ferdinando II specimen founded in his travel in italy, Germany, Hungary.This was the first part of mineralogy and palontology collection.

In 1775 the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo founded the Imperial Musuem of Physics and Natural History. It possesses the most important natural history collections in Italy and it became the seat of “Sezione di Scienze Naturali” the Facoltà di Scienze. Other section, astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology and minerlogy, moved to other seats.

Subsequently the National Academy of Lincei proposed a National Museum of Natural History in order to unify the most important Natural Museums of Italy: the Museum of Natural History of University.