San Felice

This Church was build in 1078 and dedicated to a martyr of the III century a.c., a disciple of the bishop of Nola. The Church was remodelled in the two centuries that followed. The mid-15th-century fa├žade is attributed to Michelozzo, it is rectangular with two windows. Inside the first half of the Church is divided into a nave and three aisles. On the left and the right side there are Chapels decorated by Ghirlandaio.The apse was build in 15th century by Michelozzo. On the left side there are important works of artists as Botticelli.

In the convent of San Felice lived Don Basilio Naldi, abbot of Camaldolesi and chaptain of the Republic. He freed the hermitage of Camaldoli and Piero de’ Meidici came back to Florence.