Tourist Destinations in Sub Sahara Region

There are 42 countries and 6 islands in Sub Saharan Africa. With reference to the ‘black’ population, the Sub Sahara Region is also known as Black Africa. The geographical term Sub-Saharan Africa describes the area of African continent lying south of Sahara or the African countries completely or partially located in the south of Sahara. There are around 44 million Americans who go overseas travel annually of which an estimated.

According to World Tourism Organization, between 1990 & 1995 there was an annual rate of growth of 6.2% of international tourist with Southern African Sub region having above average growth of 24.2% of international tourist arrivals. It is anticipated in the report that until 2020 there will be annual increase at the rate of 5.5% of international tourist arrival.

In South Africa there is African Safari at Mala Mala Game Reserve which is a place of attraction for wildlife enthusiasts as well as the filmmakers and the photographers to see Big Five Animals in their natural habitat. This spot is sandwiched between Kruger National Park and the Sabi Sand Reserve in Limpopo. For various international and local wildlife documentary films, the National Geographic has used location of Mala Mala.

The magnificent mountain range Drakensberg, also referred as mountains of the dragon in Afrikaans, in South Africa is another most popular destination of travelers. It offers breathtaking scenery of spectacular mountain range and ancient San Rock Art at Kamberg which dates back to 2000 years. Drakensberg is also called Barrier of the Spears or Ukhahlamba by the Zulu people. With an area of 240,000 hectare, the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Part has been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will be wondered to see the variety of colors of mountains in the Champagne Valley and Giant’s Castle or Gelusberg inside the park.

At Royal National Park, Cathedral Peak is a place of attraction for travelers which exhibit San Rock Art. There are rock paintings in caves that are surrounded by waterfalls and streams, rivers, craggy cliffs and grasslands. There is Thukela Waterfall is the third largest Thukela Waterfall which creates a mesmerizing scene for the tourists.