Eating Out in Japanese Ski Resorts

Even if you have never been to Japan before you will probably have eaten or heard about sushi, ramen and tempura, along with lots of other famous Japanese foods. If heading to Japan on a ski holiday, you will therefore probably have wondered what eating out there is like, and it may be one of the things you are looking forward to most or least about your trip. Luckily whether or not you love Japanese food, we have very good news. The quality of food in major Japanese ski resorts is exceptionally high, there is a huge variety on offer and it costs much less than you may think.

If you are on the side of loving Japanese food, the treats in store are endless. What would be classed as luxury food in most Western countries is available at everyday prices in Japan, which as The Post Office Money Report recently found, is exceptionally cheap!

Some of the best examples of great Japanese food you can find on the mountain are simple and tasty, for all palates, and you don’t need to be a raw fish fan. Japanese curry rice, or if you prefer it with fried meat, katsu curry is hard to beat as it will fill you up while feeling surprisingly homely for a meal you might have never had before. Japanese mountain restaurants also offer bowls of rice or ‘donburi’ with a variety of delicious toppings which can include tempura, chicken with egg, vegetables, salmon roe and more. Steaming bowls of noodles are also available in nearly all mountain restaurants, with tasty broths as standard.

Eating out in the resort at night will offer classier options together with much more variety. For example:

Sushi and sashimi Kiko-ya in Hakuba serves up sushi and sashimi as you would find it in central Tokyo, fresh, cheap and melt in the mouth. We can’t recommend it enough.

Yakiniku – famous in Hakuba for serving up the very best, melt in the mouth wagyu beef, yakiniku style, Windy’s Kobeya restaurant is a must. It’s not cheap, but it is amazing.

Yakitori – chicken and a variety of other meats and veg grilled on a stick with delicious sauces, from the simple, to the very adventurous, there are loads of choices. For an atmosphere which is authentic and a favourite with the locals, head to Yosaku in Niseko.

Okonomiyaki – A hearty bowl of eggs, pancake mixture, meat, seafood and veg (or a combination of) that you cook on a hotplate at your table. For an authentic experience in a casual Japanese style restaurant, head out to Emu in Hakuba and you won’t be disappointed.

Hokkaido Soup Curry – really fresh, healthy local food packed with flavour – and you can choose your spice level at Niseko’s Tsubara Tsubara. A cheap and delicious meal out!

Soba Noodles – soba is a Nagano speciality, and they take it seriously at Zen in Hakuba. A delicious, filling treat in true local style.

Ramen – it is hard to beat Niseko Ramen wherever you go in Japan. Try the potato ramen for a delicious local speciality, or the spicy miso ramen if you are all about spice and flavour.

If you are looking to put together a trip to Niseko or Hakuba then get in touch with Japan Ski Experience. They will help ensure the booking process goes perfectly and will supply you with lots more restaurant recommendations too!