Budget Latvian Beaches

With more than 500 km of shoreline and total population of merely 2.3 million citizens, Latvia has few of the most isolated beaches you can find on the globe. Latvia has world class resorts and astonishing public beaches. If you have to consider your budget while planning your trip, in that case Latvian beaches are the best options for you.

The Gulf of Riga has tranquil waters and generally features sandbars far-flung from the shoreline. This gulf extends starting from Cape Kolka, located in the northwestern region to the boundary of Estonia, located in the northeastern region. The further meets the vast turquoise Baltic Sea. This surf is typically rougher within the open sea and the seawater is somewhat colder. You can take a trip to Latvian beaches, however if you wish to go for swimming, in that case the summers would be the best time.

Jurmala is one of the favorite destinations for the people living in Riga locale. This pristine Latvian beach are located at a distance of only a 20 mins drive from the city-centre and is a perfect places for spending an entire hot day. Here you will come across some of the best lodging all over Latvia. You can spend your night at one of the few 5-stars. You will surely love the pampering you get in these 5-stars hotels. For all of the budget seekers, you will come across numerous great hotels at reasonable prices and several camping grounds. You can also rent a 4-wheeled automobile and take a trip to the close by oasis for enjoying an entire day by swimming and sunbathing.

Liepaja and Ventspils are located on the western coastline and are ideal tourist destinations for escaping the chaotic city life of Riga. These beaches are vast, which makes it easy to locate on the huge Baltic Sea. Even though these maritime townships are located a little further than Jurmala, it has a small city ambiance coupled with far-fetched coastline. Spending a few days exploring the beaches and the historical districts in these famous Latvian cities can be an amazing experiance.

For enjoying a great family holiday, you can rent a little cottage, sited on the sparsely inhabited coastline. For having a truly isolated vacation, you can stay at selected houses along the coastline. So simply pack up the all the essential things, get into your rental car and then drive up to an extraordinary beach paradise.