Best vacation destinations in spring

Winter is over, and to make up for the cold, dull and boring weather, nature gives us spring. A time when the ground is carpeted with beautiful green grass, flowers are sprouting; insects and animals are out enjoying the beautiful nature. It’s a time treasured by many; when there is life all over. The lands are beautiful, but there are some lands which are even more beautiful. These are the lands that are a spectacle to visit, with great views and calm weather. So in case you are planning on traveling during spring, I will take you through some of the best places you could go to before you secure your seat sale.

  1. Osaka, Japan.

You know those beautiful purple or pink canopies you see in pictures of Japan? Well, this breathtaking spectacle is called “Hanami, ” and you could experience it all during spring in Osaka Japan. The beautiful trees that dot its landscape produce this sea of beautiful petals that create an incredible canopy. This, complemented by the beautiful castles that pop out of the canopies is just breathtaking.


  1. Essaouira, Morocco.

This Beautiful North African city is famous for its exciting water sport activities, such as windsurfing and kite surfing. It’s pleasant temperatures and winds make it a great weekend getaway for beach lovers. Despite it being famous for water sports, you could still enjoy the beautiful white sands or architecture. The culture and art that is showcased in the city is also amazing. You could drop by the various art museums that dot the town or take it slow at a Moroccan restaurant and enjoy some mint tea.

Essaouira, Morocco

  1. Cornwall, England.

If you are wondering where some of those beautiful photos that feature a beautiful mix of sea and nature come together, then Cornwall should be your destination as you work on your seat sales. Cornwall features beautiful blooming flowers covering acres of the beach, some spring storms in the sea might come your way, but they do not damage the beautiful experience.


  1. Arendal, Norway.

Arendal is a step away from the bustily city life to a calmer, beautiful and calming city life. Arendal is a beautiful seaside city made up of historical European architecture lay behind a scenic landscape. During spring, its beautiful vegetation blooms and the beautiful green trees dotting the town are amazing. You can take the evenings launched off a comfortable chair as you enjoy a beautiful sunset into the sea.


  1. Roches Rouges, Agay.

Located off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Roches Rouges provides a great destination for you and your family. Apart from the beautiful beach, the town offers great outdoor activities in the islands that surround it. They include walks on the beach and rock climbing.


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