The Best Places To Visit In Budapest

Budapest is the most crowded city of Hungary, with over 1,752,286 residents on an area of about 203 square miles. It harbors over 20% of Hungary’s population. This city is noted as one of the best in aspects such as education, technology, media, art, commerce, and most especially entertainment.

Besides, Budapest is in the center of Hungary, and this makes it an arch part of the country. It is widely known for its glorious and noble promotion of culture – both old-fashioned and the modern ones. This beautiful city receives little sunshine, and most frequently, it is showered with snowfalls. According to Just Budapest the Hungarian capital has nice ruin bars where you can relish your nightlife.

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Budapest is an ancient place that possesses valuable old culture and lifestyles. The city has more than 40 theatres and 100 museums. Multitudinous festivals and concerts are held annually.  Now, if for any reason you find yourself in Budapest, these are the best places you consider visiting:

1. Hungarian Parliament Building

This impressive building is a seat of the national assembly of Hungary and also a popular tourist attraction center for visitors. It is located in Kossuth Square, and it is close to the Danube River. It happens to be the largest building in Hungary, which was designed by a Hungarian architect – Imre Steindi, in the neo-gothic style. Opened in 1902, its eclectic style of building and architectural masterpiece is unique.

It took nearly 20 years to complete the creation of this exclusive building with its interiors designed with 88 statues and 365 gothic turrets. This is an amazing place to be.

budapest hungarian parliament

2. Szimpla Kert

Undoubtedly, this is the most famous ruin bar in Budapest. The Great atmosphere, nice designs, spectacular interiors, and delicious foods constitute the beauty of this spot. Being one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, visitors in Budapest always crave to visit the famous rain pub. At least three free music concerts are held weekly. This helps people to vibe interestingly to live performances of young talents and world-class musicians. It is a must-see that you will not like to miss.

szimpla kert

3. Margaret Island

The alluring large green areas, flowery gardens, exquisite musical fountains, nice playgrounds, and romantic walkways here are matchless. You will get the best loveable experience by riding funky vehicles, going for a dip, and climbing Margaret Island’s water tower. It is highly incredible to see!

4. Dohany Street In Synagogue

Being one of UNESCO’s heritage and largest Synagogue in Europe, the building contains objects relating to both human religious and everyday life. It is a beautiful Moorish style building which has a museum, a cemetery, and a holocaust monument. It is a place worth seeing for everyone.

5. Szechenyi Thermal Bath

Szechenyi bath was constructed in 1913, and it is one of the most visited attraction centers in Budapest. The thermal bath contains 21 pools and begets a unique experience. These pools have different temperatures and sizes. It is a very nice place to experience a thermal bath.

Szechenyi Baths