How to Experience the Best of Budapest’s Nightlife?

Budapest is known for many things; its nightlife is undoubtedly one of them. Thanks to budget airlines, many Western Europeans come to Budapest to party at night. Cheap flight tickets, affordable accommodation, cheap food & drinks, and great bars, make the ultimate magnet for partygoers from all parts of Europe, often even worldwide.

There are two ways to explore Budapest’s nightlife. One is on your own, or with your group. Nowadays, there are sorts of guides online that can point you to the hottest spots in town. There are guides for high-end night clubs, local bars, ruin bars, eateries, and so on. Of course, that means doing some research on how to get there and how to book a table there without knowing anyone or the local language.

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On the other hand, you can choose a Budapest pub crawl with a local guide. The guide is someone that is closely familiar with the nightlife in Budapest and knows its way around the city. Here are the top benefits of roaming the city at night with a local guide:

  • A local guide can choose the best places in accordance with your preferences and budget. Some people are into intense types of parties, while others prefer more laid back places. In any case, they got you covered whatever group you might be into.
  • The local guide can make a plan of all the pubs and bars you will visit, and reserve a spot in each one of them. That way, when you go there, no matter how crowdy it is, you will have a table or a place at the bar where you can hang out.
  • You avoid the waiting lines. Many trendy places are easily packed so that many people need to wait in line until there is enough room for them. As mentioned above, no matter the crowd, there will always be room for the group inside. Something that wouldn’t be possible if you were planning the pub crawl by yourself. These guys have the connections and pre-made agreements with the bar and pub owners. That’s why they can easily get you in.
  • Sometimes you get free drinks when you walk in some of the bars. Being part of a pub crawl group has its many perks, and getting the occasional free drinks is one of them. The reason is simple. Bar owners know that one shot of tequila will draw the next one, and probably another one. Plus, that one drink may inspire you to come back again, so it’s win-win for everyone.
  • A local guide can take you to bars where mainly locals gather. That way, you can avoid the numerous tourists and experience the essence of Budapest and its vibrant nightlife.


Unless you know someone that lives in Budapest, going on a group pub crawl is your best bet to experience the best of Budapest’s nightlife. The agencies that organize pub crawls usually charge between ten and twenty euros, while others let you pick your price after the crawl ends. In any case, the fee is worth as you will get to hang in some cool places without any planning at all.

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