Things to Know About Pub Crawls in Budapest

A pub crawl, also known as a bar crawl is when an individual visits various pubs with other people in a single night and has a drink in each bar. There is never any real crawling involved, except you carelessly get too drunk to walk. As pub crawls are usually in groups, the added benefit is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet and party with the local guides and fellow crawlers.

However, a bar tour Budapest is not only about chap shots, free drinks, discounts, and partying. Irrespective of the scale of the pub crawl you are on, be it a low-key bar crawl event or the largest pub crawl event in Budapest, there are some guiding rules, the dos and don’ts. Read on to learn more about these guiding rules.



When you have the intention to go on a Budapest pub crawl, you should first plan. Have a theme, a focus, and a common purpose. Do you want to visit all the newly launched bars in the area or do you want to determine the best out of several bars? The focus will keep you grounded during the pub crawl. Also, as part of the planning process, it is best to contact a pub crawl agency in the area that’ll provide the local guides, and book down.

After this, you should learn the scope of the pub crawl, four to five bars is usually the max, but it could be more throughout the crawl. Find out the mode of transportation that’ll be used – walking, hired car, or bus. Next, learn the rendezvous point for the pub crawl.


The Pub Crawl Event

The best pub crawls are usually quite impressive as they include welcome drinks, discounts, free drinks, and the likes. Getting drunk can happen very fast. Hence, remember to be in control and not exceed your alcohol limit. It might be a crawl, but most bars do not welcome people who are drunk on arrival.

Though you might get special privileges such as free entry into a nightclub, skipping queues, discounted and free drinks, every other thing pretty much remains the same. While in a bar, you have to stick to the regular bar policies of controlling yourself and respecting others. No starting a fight or disrespecting a woman!

Being on a pub crawl is about having fun and mingling with the fellow crawlers, so enjoy this rather than spending all the time on your phone with Instagram. Enjoy the fun that is happening in the now at the pub crawl! Even more, it would be best if you remembered to go with some form of ID, budget extra cash for paid drinks.

After Pub Crawl Event

This stage is also essential. If you notice that your sobriety level is getting too low, you can cut short on the planned crawl activities, and go home. Remember to have transportation ready to take you back, just in case you can’t drive.