Travel destinations: Thessaloniki, Greece

The city of Thessaloniki is situated in the Greek province of Macedonia. This wonderful city is the capital of Northern Greece and the second Greek city of importance after Athens.

Nowadays it is an amazing economic and industrial center as well as a cultural center since centuries. One of the biggest Balkan universities is located here. There are also several Cultural Societies, two state Schools of Music, a teaching Academy and the Ecumenic Institute.


Founded by Cassander, King of Macedonia (315 B.C.) the city was named after the name of his wife, Thessaloniki who was Alexander the Great`s sister. The city was the favourite place of the Macedonian Kings. An interesting fact is that during the Byzantine domination, Thessaloniki was the second most important city of the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople. During this time it was claimed to be “the most splendid and proudest city” (after the Byzantine chronicles). Thessaloniki was not only the cultural and political center of the Byzantine Empire. It was the place successfully repulsing attacks by different barbaric people. There are many medieval monuments which show the former splendor and truly great prosperity of the city.

Thessaloniki - White Byzantium Tower Fortification

Thessaloniki – White Byzantium Tower Fortification

Sightseeings that could be seen here:
1. The Statue of Alexander the Great which is on the seafront of Thessaloniki.This is the place where you can take some wonderful pictures.
2. The White Tower whith its historical importance as the center of Thessaloniki`s medieval fortifications;
3. The Archaeological Museum with its interesting exhibits of the Classical and Roman periods;
4. Churches: the Church of Saint Demetrius, the Rotonda (noteworthy monument),
” Acheiropoietos” (5th c.), the Church of Panaghia Chalkeon (11th c.), the Church of Aghia Sophia (6th c.), the Church of Twelve Apostles (13th c.), etc.

The Church of Saint Dimetrius (the city`s patron saint) is very beautiful. It is a five-naved basilica, built over the Saint`s tomb in the 5th century A.D. It is one of the most beautiful monuments of the Greek Orthodox tradition. Wealth of carvings, mosaics and architectural worth are the main characteristic features of this wonderful monument.

5.The Medieval walls of the town;
6. The Triumphal Arch of the Emperor Galerius on the Via Egnatia built in 303 A.D.

Thessaloniki has some country places where you can rest and leisure; Aghia Triada, Nea Mechaniona, Panorama, Asvestohori and Hortiati.