How to Keep Your Travel Documents Safe When You Go Abroad

When you travel abroad, you will have to bring a lot of important documents with you. Not only will you need to bring you passport, but you will need to bring sources of money, flight and hotel confirmations and possibly even your birth certificate. Bringing your medical insurance information and emergency contact information is also important when traveling abroad. Keeping these documents safe is the most important thing that you can do.

European River CruisesThe first thing you need to do before traveling abroad is to take copies of all the important documents that you need to bring. Copy your passport information, itineraries, medical information and emergency contacts. Place the copies in the bottom of your suitcase for safe keeping. Keep the originals with you while on the plane.

You also want to eliminate the documents that you do not need. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you may want to download a travel app that allows you to input all of your travel itineraries and emergency information. Doing so with help protect you from losing the information. TripIt for the iPhone or iPad is an excellent travel app that allows you to do this. You should still keep copies in your suitcase for emergencies.

 Once you are at your hotel, find out if your room has a safe deposit box. Most hotels and all inclusive family resorts have this available and if they do, put your passport and any banking documents you are not using. Lock the safe deposit box and keep the key with you at all times. The safe deposit box will keep your documents locked away until you decide you want them. Keeping your passport safe is the most important thing you can do. If you do not have your passport, you will not be able to travel home.

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Another thing you can do to protect yourself is to email a friend or family member all of you information. Make sure that this person is reliable and will not use any information incorrectly. If you have an emergency while traveling abroad, you can contact this person and have them email the information to you. Most large cities, and even many small towns, have internet access at public libraries or other locations.

Before traveling abroad you want to make sure you know what to do with each of your important documents. Planning ahead will guarantee that you are taking all precautions to protect yourself. However, sometimes things happen and documents are misplaced. In the case of an emergency you should stay calm and take all steps needed to retrieve your documents. If you have taken the steps to copy and protect your documents you will be able to replace or find them in no time at all. Leaving you more time to enjoy your trip.

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